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Beer float, anyone? Yuengling's Ice Cream returns

02/11/2014 12:33am
Breyers, Ben & Jerry's, Edy's and Yuengling's: Which thing is not like the others?

Shirley Temple: Crying on cue was method acting

02/11/2014 4:36am
As a child actress, Shirley Temple was noted for being able to cry on cue for a movie scene. In a 1999 interview, she explained how she did it:

Feature films of Shirley Temple

02/11/2014 4:44am
"The Red-Haired Alibi," 1932.

Laura Benanti on her new CD and 'Sound of Music'

02/11/2014 5:34am
Laura Benanti has been on a bit of a roll since she showed up drunk at the Tony Awards.

Shirley Temple won praise in diplomatic career

02/11/2014 5:44am
Shirley Temple got her first ambassador appointment after Secretary of State Henry Kissinger heard her discussing Namibia at a party and, in her words, was "surprised that I even knew the word."

TV comedian behind 'Dumb Starbucks' in Los Angeles

02/11/2014 5:44am
It was a caffeine-charged Hollywood whodunit: Just whose bright idea was the "Dumb Starbucks" coffee shop that popped up and started serving free drinks from the corner of an otherwise uncelebrated strip mall?

A tearful Donna Karan marks 30 years in fashion

02/11/2014 6:59am
With a little tear and a victory walk down the runway, Donna Karan marked her company's 30th anniversary Monday night with a journey through New York.

Short doc aims to inspire dancing against violence

02/11/2014 7:31am
When the anti-violence organization V-Day announced plans to gather a billion people worldwide on Feb. 14 in a dancing demonstration to end violence against women and girls, some people said the goal was too ambitious. It couldn't be done.

NJ festival lets you eat, drink, floss with bacon

02/11/2014 8:20am
Get ready for bacon like you've never eaten, drunk or worn it before.

Ray Davies, Donovan part of Songwriters Hall class

02/11/2014 9:09am
Ray Davies and Donovan are among the 2014 class of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Shirley Temple's Hollywood star in storage

02/11/2014 9:18am
The timing of Shirley Temple's death has forced a change in the tradition of placing flowers at a Hollywood Walk of Fame star when an honoree dies.

Gabrielle Giffords plans book on gun control

02/11/2014 9:48am
Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is working on a book about gun control.

At Westminster, dog show style gets spotlight, too

02/11/2014 10:16am
When they step into a ring at the Westminster Kennel Club show, they're supposed to be well-groomed examples of functional elegance.

LA newscaster apologizes for black actor mix-up

02/11/2014 10:22am
A Los Angeles newscaster apologized to Samuel L. Jackson for confusing him with fellow actor Laurence Fishburne during a live TV interview.

Maggie Gyllenhaal to make Broadway debut this year

02/11/2014 10:31am
Maggie Gyllenhaal will make her Broadway debut this fall opposite Ewan McGregor in "The Real Thing."

California plant shuts down after beef recall

02/11/2014 10:43am
A California slaughterhouse at the center of a massive beef recall has voluntarily halted operations, as it tries to track down all of its beef shipments over the past year, a newspaper reported.

Andrea Martin to star in 'Noises Off' on Broadway

02/11/2014 11:12am
Fresh off her success in "Pippin," Andrea Martin is stacking up the work.

Clooney wades into UK-Greece Parthenon Marbles row

02/11/2014 11:22am
If George Clooney thought the battle over art's rightful ownership _ the subject of his World War II movie "The Monuments Men" _ was in the past, he knows better now.

Advanced Placement classes double in popularity

02/11/2014 11:56am
Columbus McKinney is taking his fifth Advanced Placement course at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, undeterred even though he didn't score high enough to get college credit on two of the AP classes he took previously.

Andy Weir delivers with `The Martian'

02/11/2014 11:57am
"The Martian" (Crown), by Andy Weir

Right at Home: spring's rosy glow

02/11/2014 12:18pm
This spring, pinks are popping up all over home decor _ the softer versions soothing and nurturing, the bright ones bouncy and vivacious.

New Hemingway artifacts from Cuba at JFK Library

02/11/2014 12:26pm
Bar bills, personal notes, telegrams and even recipes from Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway are available for the first time at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Curls and dimples: Shirley Temple dies at 85

02/11/2014 12:43pm
Any kid who ever tap-danced at a talent show or put on a curly wig and auditioned for "Annie" can only dream of being as beloved _ or as important _ as Shirley Temple.

Hugh Jackman will host the Tony Awards again

02/11/2014 12:50pm
Neil Patrick Harris has given way to Hugh Jackman at the Tony Awards.

Burch uses armor, medieval tapestry in fall show

02/11/2014 1:48pm
How's this for an original fashion show theme? Tory Burch says both her parents and her grandparents collected suits of armor when she was a child.

Jan Karon writing new Mitford novel

02/11/2014 1:49pm
Jan Karon is going back to Mitford.

The Olsens offer warm clothes for a freezing city

02/11/2014 2:04pm
A frigid, brutal wind was whipping off the nearby Hudson River as one approached the unassuming building in Manhattan's West Village where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen base their high-end fashion label, The Row.

AP PHOTOS: 10 things to know about Shirley Temple

02/11/2014 2:36pm
She was the biggest of child stars. She was the top U.S. box-office draw from 1935 to 1938, bigger than Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper or Joan Crawford. She kept children singing "On the Good Ship Lollipop" for generations, retired from acting at age 21 and went on to a diplomatic career. Here's a look at the life of Shirley Temple, who died Monday at age 85:

Morrissey mauling wins Hatchet Job review prize

02/11/2014 2:52pm
It was Morrissey who once sang: "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now."

Wang explores darker side in fall collection

02/11/2014 3:02pm
Designer Vera Wang says she never imagined she would be designing clothes for the Super Bowl.

Movie cocktails that leave us shaken and stirred

02/11/2014 3:03pm
James Bond without his martini? "The Big Lebowski" dude without his White Russian? Unthinkable.

Red-carpet designer Jenny Packham into '70s glam

02/11/2014 3:12pm
What will it be on the Oscars red carpet from Jenny Packham? The gold gown with the sparkly diamond pattern up top or one of her cherry reds with crystals?

Concertmaster relieved Stradivarius OK after theft

02/11/2014 3:26pm
Violin virtuoso Frank Almond had spent years learning the nuances of the 300-year-old Stradivarius violin that its owner had loaned to him. So when the $5 million instrument was stolen last month and recovered nine days later, he was worried it might have sustained serious damage in the process.

Duchess Kate returns to duties with black tie do

02/11/2014 3:40pm
Duchess Kate returned to her public duties with a black tie fundraising dinner in aid of the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Strange it was: Rodarte channels Yoda

02/11/2014 3:59pm
If you were going to buy a silk charmeuse designer gown for thousands and thousands of dollars, would you want it to be emblazoned with the image of Luke Skywalker, C-3PO or Yoda?

Curls and dimples: Shirley Temple dies at 85

02/11/2014 4:02pm
Any kid who ever tap-danced at a talent show or put on a curly wig and auditioned for "Annie" can only dream of being as beloved _ or as important _ as Shirley Temple.

5 films in which Shirley Temple shined

02/11/2014 4:34pm
Franklin Roosevelt once said: "As long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right. When the spirit of the people is lower than at any other time during this Depression, it is a splendid thing that for just 15 cents, an American can go to a movie and look at the smiling face of a baby and forget his troubles."

Badgley Mischka's collection sparkles in gold

02/11/2014 5:45pm
Badgley Mischka sent sparkly gold gowns and floral blue brocades down the runway Tuesday with warm fur hats and cozy tweeds in a mix of red carpet dazzle and clothes for every day.

Colbert, Collins on guest list for state dinner

02/11/2014 6:23pm
It's not too often that comedian Stephen Colbert, the Rev. Al Sharpton and former NBA player Jason Collins find themselves in the same room. And in tuxedos, no less.

10 bold, easy crostini toppers for an Oscars party

02/11/2014 6:47pm
An Oscar viewing party should be the culinary antithesis of a Super Bowl gathering. Where the latter focuses on big, bold, messy flavors tied together with a whole lot of fat, the Academy Awards call for a more refined dining experience (even if both events are spent on the same couch in front of the same television).

Review: 'RoboCop' remake pats down the original

02/11/2014 11:29pm
The original 1987 "RoboCop," Dutch director Paul Verhoeven's first Hollywood film, isn't so much a movie to revere as a bit of brutalism to behold.

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