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Billy Joel begins Madison Square Garden residency

01/28/2014 4:37am
Billy Joel began his Madison Square Garden residency Monday night with an energetic show that covered a wide swath of music from his five-decade career.

Movies showing at 2014 Berlin Film Festival

01/28/2014 5:55am
A list of the movies being shown in the official program at this year's Berlin International Film Festival, which runs from Feb. 6-16.

'Infinitely Polar' about director's troubled youth

01/28/2014 7:24am
At the beginning of Maya Forbes' directorial debut, "Infinitely Polar Bear," we meet two young sisters who are locked inside a car with their mother as protection from their father during one of his manic episodes.

Award-winning actor applies for asylum in Berlin

01/28/2014 8:44am
Nazif Mujic flashes a toothless smile and his entire face lights up when he recalls how he won the best actor award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2013: "I went up on stage, everybody was cheering, everybody wanted to talk to me _ it was like walking on clouds."

UK lawmakers tell queen to cut costs, boost income

01/28/2014 8:44am
Britain's royal household needs to get a little more entrepreneurial, eye possible staff cuts and replace an ancient palace boiler, lawmakers say in a new report.

A glance at history of store mannequins

01/28/2014 9:29am
Mannequins have a rich century-old history. They're what Dr. Marsha Bentley Hale, one of the world's leading experts on mannequins, calls "significant sociological reflections of our consumer society."

Obama: Seeger believed in the power of community

01/28/2014 10:41am
President Barack Obama is paying tribute to Pete Seeger for reminding us where we come from and showing us where we need to go.

Rare documents from vast NY collection up for sale

01/28/2014 11:32am
Eric Caren became obsessed with old newspapers when he came upon stacks of them in an abandoned house in his boyhood hometown. Four decades later, he has amassed what's considered one of the largest private collections of historical papers in the United States.

Google hopes designer frames will sharpen Glass

01/28/2014 11:38am
Google Glass is getting glasses.

For true love, layer passion fruit and chocolate

01/28/2014 11:42am
Passion fruit, chocolate and Champagne. Could there be three ingredients better suited for a holiday built around love?

5 essential songs of Pete Seeger

01/28/2014 11:53am
Five essential songs by Pete Seeger, who died Monday at age 94:

Folk singer, activist Pete Seeger dies in NY

01/28/2014 12:23pm
Unable to carry his beloved banjo, Pete Seeger used a different but equally formidable instrument, his mere presence, to instruct yet another generation of young people how to effect change through song and determination two years ago.

Morris Turner, Wee Pals comic strip creator, dies

01/28/2014 12:34pm
Morris "Morrie" Turner, the creator of the "Wee Pals" comic strip and the first African American cartoonist to be syndicated nationally, has died. He was 90.

Jimmy Carter writing book on women's rights

01/28/2014 12:36pm
Jimmy Carter's next book will be a defense of women's rights and an attack against those who use religion to deny equality.

Was Eliot Ness a hero or Hollywood-inspired myth?

01/28/2014 12:40pm
In the pantheon of Chicago crime fighters, nobody has the worldwide reputation of Eliot Ness.

Stars line up to pay tribute to The Beatles

01/28/2014 12:56pm
There's an easy way to give pop music's most performance-hardened stars a case of the butterflies: Ask them to perform in front of The Beatles.

Simple, complicated Seeger changed American music

01/28/2014 1:12pm
Pete Seeger was a complicated man with a simple message: Make the world better, and be kind while doing it. To accomplish these goals, he harnessed hundreds of years of musical tradition into a single banjo and a single, unyielding human voice.

Flavor Flav faces speeding-to-mom's-funeral charge

01/28/2014 1:30pm
Flavor Flav pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges stemming from a traffic stop earlier this month as he raced to his mother's funeral in suburban New York.

Puppy Bowl pooches train with White House dogs

01/28/2014 1:51pm
Four-legged participants in Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl" have been coached by two of the most famous dogs in America: White House pets Bo and Sunny.

Kellogg Foundation to help in Detroit bankruptcy

01/28/2014 2:03pm
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is giving $40 million to prevent the sale of Detroit art and help city retirees, raising the pool of money to $370 million.

Nurse Nathan Filer wins Britain's Costa Book Award

01/28/2014 2:06pm
Mental health nurse Nathan Filer has won Britain's Costa Book Award for his saga of schizophrenia, "The Shock of the Fall."

Farmers get probation in fatal listeria outbreak

01/28/2014 2:08pm
Two Colorado cantaloupe farmers linked to the nation's deadliest outbreak of foodborne illness in a quarter-century were sentenced Tuesday to probation and home detention, but the judge said he wasn't sending them to prison so they could work to pay off $150,000 each in restitution.

Mannequins get a makeover to look more realistic

01/28/2014 3:02pm
The one-size-fits-all mannequin is getting a much-needed makeover.

Motley Crue retiring, plans 72 goodbye concerts

01/28/2014 3:42pm
Motley Crue is hanging up its guitars for good.

Napa Valley vintners prepare for drought

01/28/2014 4:17pm
With California in the grips of severe drought, Napa Valley wine grape growers on Tuesday said some vines are ripening early and that farmers are planning fewer crops to save water.

Football moves Emmy Awards to Monday this year

01/28/2014 4:34pm
This year's Emmy Awards ceremony will air on a weeknight instead of its traditional Sunday slot.

Stradivarius stolen from Milwaukee concertmaster

01/28/2014 6:02pm
Milwaukee police are investigating the theft of a 300-year-old violin.

Obama vows to improve education at all levels

01/28/2014 7:19pm
President Barack Obama is promising to improve American education from preschool to college in his State of the Union address.

Former motion picture academy president dies

01/28/2014 8:44pm
Former Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak has died after a 12-year battle with prostate cancer. He was 68.

12 artists inducted into Musicians Hall of Fame

01/28/2014 8:52pm
The Musicians Hall of Fame inducted 12 new members across the genres, including bluesman Buddy Guy, British rock guitarist Peter Frampton and pedal steel player and country singer Barbara Mandrell.