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Corporations do more to put art on public display

09/06/2013 12:37am
Corporate art buying in North American has fallen off since the boom days of the 1970s and 1980s but even as the economy improves, some companies are buying less art but doing more to put their works out for the public to enjoy.

'Burn Notice' set to end after 7 seasons in Miami

09/06/2013 2:45am
The cable spy drama "Burn Notice" is coming to an end, but it's certainly not being burned itself.

Mike Nichols returns to adultery in 'Betrayal'

09/06/2013 7:48am
It's only 3 p.m. but master director Mike Nichols warns that he's been through a lot already.

Stradivarius hometown in Italy gets violin museum

09/06/2013 7:53am
The northern Italian town where Antonio Stradivari and other master violin-makers worked will open a new museum celebrating the instrument.

Japanese animation master Miyazaki bids farewell

09/06/2013 8:17am
The Japanese master of whimsical animation, Hayao Miyazaki, has retired before. This time, he says he really means it.

Dropout Salinger creates mystique at Pa. college

09/06/2013 8:30am
Aspiring novelist Quinn Gilman-Forlini, an ardent admirer of "The Catcher in the Rye," wouldn't mind following in its author's footsteps.

Calif. students' 'twerking' records to be expunged

09/06/2013 8:47am
The San Diego school district has agreed to expunge the records of 31 high school students who were suspended for making an on-campus video featuring "twerking" dance moves.

ArtRio opens amid debate on Brazil's import taxes

09/06/2013 8:55am
Gallery owner Renato Gouvea Jr. stares at a wall full of art and laments what's missing.

A pancake that's robust enough to serve for dinner

09/06/2013 9:08am
As families try to get back into their school year routines, there will be many cool autumn nights when the comfort and speed of warm breakfast foods would be just the thing to finish the day. But having breakfast for dinner doesn't mean the meal can't have a savory side.

Redford to help raise money for Colo. River delta

09/06/2013 9:25am
Robert Redford will join conservationists from across the U.S. and Mexico at an event Saturday in Phoenix aimed at raising money and awareness for the restoration of part of the overtaxed Colorado River that has become more desert than delta.

Does Desigual belong on NY Fashion Week runway?

09/06/2013 10:02am
The Desigual show at New York Fashion Week was, on the one hand, an example of what has some industry insiders saying is wrong with the seasonal previews for retailers, editors and stylists: It was a largely media _ and social media _ frenzy.

Correction: Beach Boys-Wedding story

09/06/2013 10:12am
In a Sept. 2 story about an Ohio couple's wedding interrupted by a Beach Boys sound check, The Associated Press misspelled the last name of the bride. She is Jaime Diadiun, not Jaime Diadium.

After years of decline, US births leveling off?

09/06/2013 10:16am
After falling four years in a row, U.S. births may finally be leveling off.

Detroit lures Lang Lang for concert, webcast

09/06/2013 11:55am
Superstar pianist Lang Lang will join the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on its home stage, and he has agreed to share the musical collaboration live with the world.

LDS Church, join forces

09/06/2013 12:42pm
The Mormon church's family history research center has signed a new agreement with in a project to make 1 billion new genealogical records available to the public.

35K expected at Mumford & Sons concert in Okla.

09/06/2013 1:01pm
The population of the Oklahoma town of Guthrie is expected to quadruple in size this weekend as more than 35,000 people descend on the area to watch British rockers Mumford & Sons perform on the second of three U.S. stops in the Gentlemen of the Road concert series.

Jeff Koons' 'Balloon Dog' going to NYC auction

09/06/2013 1:28pm
Jeff Koons' whimsical "Balloon Dog (Orange)" is going to auction Nov. 12 in New York City. The pre-sale estimate is $35 million to $55 million.

Gandolfini on screen again in 'Enough Said'

09/06/2013 1:35pm
After Nicole Holofcener cast James Gandolfini in her divorcee romantic comedy "Enough Said," the "Sopranos" actor kept suggesting she rethink her decision.

Sargent portrait comes to Fort Worth museum

09/06/2013 1:39pm
A Texas art museum announced Friday it had acquired a rarely displayed painting by John Singer Sargent that depicts Edwin Booth, the renowned 19th-century actor and brother of President Abraham Lincoln's assassin.

Zimmerman attorney O'Mara to be CNN legal analyst

09/06/2013 1:46pm
The Florida defense attorney who was the public face of George Zimmerman's legal team has signed on to be a legal analyst for CNN.

AC Crispin, author and advocate, dies at age 63

09/06/2013 2:17pm
A.C. Crispin, a science fiction author who wrote popular tie-in novels to "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" and helped run the online watchdog "Writer Beware" that alerted authors to literary scams, has died.

CNN's 'Crossfire' will look for ceasefire

09/06/2013 2:28pm
After the crossfire, CNN's new debating crew plans a "Ceasefire."

Family income not a factor as students eat free

09/06/2013 3:09pm
Some students toted lunchboxes to the first day of school in Boston this week, but district administrators are expecting that could become a more unusual sight as parents learn about a federal program that is now providing all public school students in the city with free breakfast and lunch.

AP Photos: A few minutes of glamour, weeks of work

09/06/2013 4:14pm
Before all things, fashion is a business and victory laps are showered in dollars. There are those whose goals are green to the bone while some have other plans.

Katy Perry previews new album 'Prism' at NYC event

09/06/2013 4:24pm
Katy Perry says although she's "older and wiser," she still plans to have fun.

In 'Gravity,' a cinematic feat amid the cosmos

09/06/2013 4:42pm
It's the 13-minute shot heard round the world.

Kerry Washington gives 'Runway' a hint of scandal

09/06/2013 6:09pm
There was a glamorous whiff of scandal _ make that "Scandal" _ at "Project Runway" on Friday, with Emmy-nominated actress Kerry Washington making an appearance as guest judge for the reality show's season finale at New York Fashion Week.

'Mockingbird' NY suit against 2 defendants settled

09/06/2013 6:29pm
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee has settled a New York lawsuit against two of the defendants she sued in May to re-secure the copyright to her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Cushnie et Ochs carves collection for model types

09/06/2013 6:56pm
Sleek and slim is nothing new for Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, but throw in all the cutouts, harnesses and bra tops in their spring collection presented Friday at New York Fashion Week and it might cause a craze for crunches, even among their model-like customers.

Loose trousers and oversized tops at Helmut Lang

09/06/2013 7:47pm
Loose boyfriend trousers and slouchy, sleeveless tops came _ surprise! _ mostly in black and white on the Helmut Lang runway Friday during New York Fashion Week.

At Minkoff, Janelle Monae _ and fabulous footwear

09/06/2013 8:23pm
OMG, the music! And OMG, the shoes!