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Justin Timberlake's tweet draws fans to NJ club

08/29/2013 5:21am
Hundreds of people flooded the streets outside a New Jersey nightclub after Justin Timberlake took to social media about filming a commercial.

Notable biography examines dogged conservationist

08/29/2013 7:13am
"The Most Defiant Devil: William Temple Hornaday & His Controversial Crusade to Save American Wildlife" (University of Virginia Press), by Gregory J. Dehler

Colorful Kors delves further into world of beauty

08/29/2013 8:59am
Michael Kors can't really be called just a fashion designer anymore. He's a full-fledged lifestyle brand, and that lifestyle is about to add color cosmetics and several new fragrances.

Winfrey revels in OWN profitability, ratings

08/29/2013 9:14am
"Oh my God, worst hairdo ever," exclaims Oprah Winfrey, catching sight of her 1990s talk-show self on an OWN office TV showing "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" But she glances approvingly at another monitor showing a Tyler Perry sitcom.

Love TV? Power watchers date favorite shows

08/29/2013 9:57am
Maggie Edinger, 26, is in a cozy relationship. It's predictable and relaxing. She's in that phase, she said, "where you start wearing sweatpants and completing each other's sentences."

Mumford & Sons perform at Forest Hills reopening

08/29/2013 10:35am
Mumford & Sons were in the tennis spirit at the reopening of the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens.

Schwartz working on draft of musical 'Houdini'

08/29/2013 10:53am
Acclaimed Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz says he's hard at work on a full draft of his next endeavor, the musical "Houdini" that has actor Hugh Jackman playing the legendary illusionist.

Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell make music for kids

08/29/2013 11:30am
Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell had only been playing for about 10 minutes when the stage was invaded.

German Jewish group calls for Roger Waters boycott

08/29/2013 11:37am
A Jewish group in the German city of Duesseldorf is urging a boycott of an upcoming concert by former Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters for using an inflatable pig featuring a Star of David during his show.

Bullock says no goo-goo eyes by co-star Clooney

08/29/2013 12:01pm
Sandra Bullock is putting the kibosh on tabloid suggestions that George Clooney might be making the moves on her.

Fall Movies: 10 performances to watch this fall

08/29/2013 12:25pm
The fall movie going season offers a bevy of hotly anticipated performances _ some from famous faces, others from less familiar ones. Here are 10 worth being excited about:

UN: Syria's ancient history faces new threats

08/29/2013 1:03pm
Looted artifacts turning up on the black market, plundered archaeological sites and the collapse of the minaret of an 11th century mosque that was the ancient heart of Aleppo's walled Old City.

Voight worked for scale for 'Midnight Cowboy' role

08/29/2013 1:24pm
It was Jon Voight's portrayal of male prostitute Joe Buck in the 1969 film "Midnight Cowboy" that put him on the path to becoming an acting legend. Now he says he was paid a pittance for the part.

Rosh Hashana comes early with fresh possibilities

08/29/2013 1:36pm
Rosh Hashana typically is a solidly autumnal holiday, falling sometimes as late as October. But this year, the Jewish New Year comes early _ the first week of September, a time when summer's bounty is still fresh for much of the country.

Ex-plant manager admits role in immigration scheme

08/29/2013 2:00pm
A former Iowa slaughterhouse manager has admitted to conspiring to harbor and recruit immigrants who entered the country illegally and then fleeing to Israel after the plant was raided in 2008, according to a plea agreement filed Thursday.

James Spader cast as villain in 'Avengers' sequel

08/29/2013 2:47pm
The "Avengers" sequel has its villain.

Doctor: Valerie Harper's cancer close to remission

08/29/2013 3:45pm
Valerie Harper's doctor says the actress' brain cancer is getting close to remission.

Guild helps playwrights with business, art

08/29/2013 4:12pm
There are famous names that define Broadway, like Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz and Terrence McNally.

Louisiana chimpanzee wins 1st prize in art contest

08/29/2013 6:06pm
A painting by a 37-year-old Louisiana primate who applies color with his tongue instead of a brush has been deemed the finest chimpanzee art in the land.

John Curran's 'Tracks' recounts epic Aussie trek

08/29/2013 6:31pm
Robyn Davidson's 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) foot journey across Australia accompanied by four camels and a black dog has never really ended.

NBC's Brian Williams ready to return after surgery

08/29/2013 7:12pm
NBC News anchor Brian Williams is returning from the disabled list.

Fall Movies Preview: Worlds to be immersed in

08/29/2013 7:57pm
Tom Hanks didn't know where the cameras were.

Japanese film highlights film industry absurdity

08/29/2013 8:34pm
Japanese director Sion Sono wants to set the records straight: It was Bruce Lee and not Quentin Tarantino who transformed the yellow jumpsuit into a piece of film iconography.

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