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Ashes of Richie Havens scattered at Woodstock site

08/19/2013 4:56am
The ashes of Richie Havens have been scattered across the site of the 1969 Woodstock concert.

2nd Mellencamp son surrenders on battery charges

08/19/2013 6:49am
The second of rocker John Mellencamp's sons has surrendered for arrest on charges of punching and kicking a 19-year-old man in southern Indiana.

Actor John Goodman receives honorary degree

08/19/2013 6:58am
Actor John Goodman says he's learned to be grateful for his blessings, rather than always striving for more.

Create old-school stationery with chalkboard paint

08/19/2013 7:16am
My classroom days are decades behind me, but I still miss the nerdy pleasure of heading back to school each September with new notebooks and folders, color coded by subject of course.

Plan now for great-tasting tomatoes next year

08/19/2013 7:19am
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Home-grown tomatoes are NOT the best-tasting ones. Not necessarily, that is.

Backyard chickens? A hard-boiled assessment

08/19/2013 7:20am
"Eat local" is the foodie mantra, and nothing is more local than an egg from your own backyard.

Lentils lend a fresh, healthy take on tabbouleh

08/19/2013 8:57am
My mother loves tabbouleh. And given how healthy it is, it's not such a bad food to love. Except that she made it a lot. As in, after I moved out, I avoided it at all costs. I'd grown up with a tabbouleh overload.

Coffee, wine and sushi! New pregnancy book says OK

08/19/2013 9:16am
Emily Oster isn't a baby doctor. She's an economist and a mom who wanted to know more about all those rules handed down to women after the pregnancy stick goes pink.

Review: 'Disney Infinity' invites you to dream big

08/19/2013 9:18am
In ancient times B.V.G. (Before Video Games), here's how kids played: Take all your toys _ dolls, soldiers, cars, blocks, that thing you got from a cereal box _ and dump them on the floor. Forget about logic or plot consistency because the most important goal is to create an entertaining adventure. (My neighborhood is still reeling from the sordid G.I. Joe-Barbie affair of 1974.)

Secrecy is priority on Salinger movie, book

08/19/2013 9:40am
For much of the nine years that Shane Salerno worked on his J.D. Salinger documentary and book, the project was a mystery worthy of the author himself.

10 fresh way to dress your hot dog this summer

08/19/2013 9:47am
Remember when all it took to dress a dog was a squiggle of neon yellow mustard and a splash of ketchup? We've come a long way.

Bear Bryant and Joe Namath made the Tide roll

08/19/2013 12:29pm
"Rising Tide: Bear Bryant, Joe Namath & Dixie's Last Quarter" (Twelve), by Randy Roberts and Ed Krzemienski

Maynard's novel revisits '80s serial killer case

08/19/2013 12:51pm
"After Her" (William Morrow), by Joyce Maynard

'Star Trek' actor to lead Cincinnati chicken dance

08/19/2013 1:10pm
"Star Trek" actor George Takei (ta-KAY') will get a chance to show off some special dance moves as he leads a mass chicken dance at an annual Cincinnati festival.

Chris Brown concerts cancelled in Canada

08/19/2013 1:21pm
The promoter of four Chris Brown concerts in Canada scheduled this summer says the events have been canceled.

The Calling's singer says was attacked in Michigan

08/19/2013 1:34pm
The lead singer of rock group The Calling was abducted, beaten and robbed after performing at a Michigan festival, the band said Monday.

Book review: `Night Film' is gothic thriller

08/19/2013 1:40pm
"Night Film" (Random House), by Marisha Pessl

CEO Gary Knell leaving NPR after less than 2 years

08/19/2013 1:41pm
The president and CEO of NPR is stepping down after less than two years to take a similar position at the National Geographic Society, the public radio organization's board of directors announced Monday.

Folk concert to be held for Coens' 'Llewyn Davis'

08/19/2013 1:57pm
The Coen brothers and T Bone Burnett will celebrate the folk music of their 1960s Greenwich Village comic drama "Inside Llewyn Davis" with a concert in New York.

Actor Lee Thompson Young found dead at age 29

08/19/2013 2:20pm
Lee Thompson Young, who began his acting career as the teenage star of the Disney Channel's "The Famous Jett Jackson" and was featured in the film "Friday Night Lights" and the series "Rizzoli & Isles," was found dead Monday, police said. He was 29.

Author-critic Albert Murray dead at 97

08/19/2013 2:36pm
Albert Murray, the influential novelist and critic who celebrated black culture, scorned black separatism and was once praised by Duke Ellington as the "unsquarest man I know," died Sunday. He was 97.

Zumba is creating a new fan base for Latin stars

08/19/2013 2:37pm
Zumba Fitness instructors worldwide are not only using a Latin-heavy song lineup in their classes, they're also creating new fans for artists such as Pitbull, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar.

Beatrice Kozera, girl in Kerouac book, dies at 92

08/19/2013 3:17pm
Beatrice Kozera, the Los Angeles-born woman whose fleeting relationship with novelist Jack Kerouac was chronicled in "On the Road," has died. She was 92.

Publisher, superstore chain resolve book dispute

08/19/2013 3:26pm
A months-long dispute that had led to widespread reports superstore chain Barnes & Noble was cutting back on orders and promotion for publisher Simon & Schuster's books has been resolved.

Dick Van Dyke uninjured after car fire on freeway

08/19/2013 5:11pm
Dick Van Dyke is uninjured after his Jaguar caught fire while he was driving on a Los Angeles freeway.

Munchies from marijuana festival fetch $50 online

08/19/2013 6:37pm
A few eBay users are seeing a money-making opportunity in the free bags of chips that were given out by police over the weekend at Seattle's pot festival known as Hempfest.

Kellan Lutz of 'Twilight' unveils new fashion line

08/19/2013 7:23pm
What's a hulking vampire to do without moody mortals in distress and with no more computer-enhanced battles to wage in the forest?

New Zealand gay weddings begin, 1 at 39,000 feet

08/19/2013 8:00pm
When Lynley Bendall and Ally Wanikau walked down the aisle to exchange vows, the fasten-seatbelt signs were off.

German visitor bitten by shark is on life support

08/19/2013 9:56pm
A German visitor who lost her arm in a shark attack while snorkeling off Maui was on life support, a hospital spokeswoman said Monday, a day after a Big Island surfer suffered leg injuries in Hawaii's second shark attack in less than a week.

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