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Germans swelter under July heat wave

07/27/2013 7:31am
Germans are flocking to swimming pools, lakes and beaches to escape soaring temperatures that are expected to hit 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 Fahrenheit) on Saturday.

Sharing a birthday with the little prince

07/27/2013 9:48am
Even before the wooden double doors of St. Mary's Hospital swung open and the new parents emerged into the London summer, babe in arms, it was clear whole chapters of the day-old's life story had already been written.

Can superhero parodies rescue the porn business?

07/27/2013 10:35am
We all know he can leap tall buildings in a single bound and bend steel in his bare hands. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that during a time of crisis even the porn industry turns to Superman.

Fox says Parkinson's won't be focus of NBC comedy

07/27/2013 3:20pm
Michael J. Fox says Parkinson's disease will not be a major storyline of his upcoming NBC comedy.

Warm weather means early Calif. wine grape harvest

07/27/2013 3:22pm
There's no such thing as "normal" weather in California wine country, and vineyard operators say this year that truism could mean good news for wine lovers.

'Glee' actor says Monteith was show's leader

07/27/2013 3:49pm
"Glee" cast member Mike O'Malley says Cory Monteith, who died earlier this month of a drug overdose, was a leader on the show.

'Parenthood' cast addresses NBC support at TCA

07/27/2013 7:09pm
It got a little awkward during NBC's "Parenthood" panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour when Craig T. Nelson was asked about whether he regrets making recent comments about the network not supporting the show.

NBC to air Hillary Clinton miniseries

07/27/2013 7:20pm
A Hillary Rodham Clinton miniseries timed to precede the 2016 presidential election is part of NBC's effort to create "event" programming that will draw viewers to the shrinking world of broadcast network TV, NBC's programming chief said Saturday.

Nevada's Burning Man fest gets OK for larger crowd

07/27/2013 8:46pm
The largest outdoor arts festival in North America is about to become bigger.