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Overlook Retreat

12/13/2013 12:59pm
Wind your way up Mount Olympus and you'll be overlooking the entire Salt Lake Valley - Jenn Hardman is showing us Overlook Retreat which is up for auction. And you can get a peek inside - - online.

Zions Bank App

12/13/2013 1:04pm
Instead of clipping coupons, shoppers can use the Zions Bank Cash Rewards Mobile app for "show your phone" point-of-sale coupons as well as cash back rewards. These rewards are earned when a qualifying transaction is made using a Zions Bank Visa card at a participating merchant location.

The Curtain

12/13/2013 1:07pm
We all know that marketing is everywhere. But what could the impact of that marketing be? The novel the Curtain is about a fictional "marketing consultant" who moves beyond trying to sell things to people -- to actually controlling their lives.