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Tornado Week

05/01/2013 12:58pm
So, would you stand in a man made EF5 tornado for a little twitter love? That's what the weather channel is doing to their interns.

Blog of the Week: Turquoise Piano

05/01/2013 1:03pm
The turquoise piano is the blog of Kelli Nielson, where she writes about her love of fitness, including where you can find some of her favorite classes.

Showing Loyalty -- with Tattoos

05/01/2013 1:05pm
Do you love your job? What would you do to prove it?

Robotics Winners

05/01/2013 1:07pm
The Vex Robotics competition recently wrapped up in Anaheim California -- and several Utah teams were there taking part. One? Did better than any other Utah team had ever done before.