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04/30/2013 7:38am
Imagine not having to use a filing system, or document storage, or even paper. A Utah company is making it a reality.

Saving Money with Pinterest

04/30/2013 1:02pm
People user Pinterest for all kinds of reasons -- but did you know you can use the site to save money? Coralie Seright of the blog Utah coupon deals has turned her pinterest page into a cornucopia of money saving coupons and ideas.

Earth Baked Kickstarter

04/30/2013 1:07pm
Another Kickstarter project from high here in Utah -- aims at making a different kind of footwear. Earth Baked footwear is for the active person who may need an extra pair of shoes -- but doesn't want to carry bulky shoes. And, for those who are environmentally friendly as well.