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What is CISPA?

04/22/2013 1:04pm
CISPA stands for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2013 --- which has already been passed by the House -- and could soon be passed by the Senate. The bill makes it easier for companies to share the personal information of users in order to assist the government with investigations into cyber attacks. There are a lot of concerns about the bill though -- first of all that civil liberties and privacy rights will be violated. Also, that the sharing of information will make it more vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.

Live Below the Line

04/22/2013 1:08pm
Could you feed yourself for a dollar fifty a day or less? That is the challenge facing millions of people around the world. The Live Below the Line campaign wants people to try the challenge for themselves -- living on just a dollar fifty a day for food -- for five days. 47 Utah high schools, seven universities, and numerous businesses have already signed on to either take the challenge -- or promote the cause. And a high school student -- Sydney Pedersen -- is spearheading the effort.

New UDOT app

04/22/2013 1:14pm
Tired of traffic -- there's an app for that. UDOT has developed an app that can help you plan ahead and travel wise.