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Thousands of kids lost parents in S Sudan fighting

02/22/2014 6:18am
When the shooting began, Ajing Abiik and his two younger brothers ran for their lives. The shy 12-year-old with the serious expression is now among 90,000 people in one of South Sudan's largest camps of people who have been displaced since war broke out in December.

Liberia: Ex-forestry boss arrested for corruption

02/22/2014 7:10am
The former head of Liberia's state forestry agency has been arrested and indicted for allegedly defrauding the country of millions of dollars by issuing bogus permits that allowed foreign companies to exploit the country's hardwood forests between 2006 and 2012.

Nigeria military closes state border with Cameroon

02/22/2014 9:25am
Nigeria's military says it has closed hundreds of miles (kilometers) of its northeastern border with Cameroon to stop Islamic extremists using the country as a haven and launch pad for attacks.