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South Africa to fight crime with new DNA law

02/21/2014 7:24am
It took a distraught Lindie Mdluli several days to summon the courage to go to a South African police station after she was raped in 2007. When she got there, Mdluli says that police officers didn't discuss the kind of investigative DNA work that she had seen on television detective shows.

150 treated for gunshot wounds in South Sudan

02/21/2014 8:31am
South Sudan's government said Friday that rebel fighters are in control of the capital of an oil-rich state that has seen several days of heavy fighting.

9 attackers dead: Somalia president palace attack

02/21/2014 2:45pm
Nine al-Shabab militants wearing military fatigues and carrying guns and grenades died after attacking the presidential palace with two car bombs on Friday, in an assault the president called a "media spectacular" by a "dying animal."

UN says civilians targeted in South Sudan violence

02/21/2014 7:16pm
Civilians in South Sudan have been the main target of recent ethnic violence that likely killed thousands and subjected thousands more to rape, arbitrary arrest, torture and the looting and burning of their homes, the United Nations said Friday in its first report on human rights abuses during the conflict.