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South African protesters burn buildings

02/05/2014 8:11am
Protesters used children as "human shields" during an attempt to burn down a police station and municipal offices, the South African government said Wednesday, reacting to escalating violence by residents of poor townships who complain that state services are inadequate or expensive.

New barrages of mortar fire rattle Mogadishu

02/05/2014 8:44am
Mortar fire from Islamic extremists has pummeled large parts of the Somali capital two nights this week, raising fears among residents of a return to the days of constant conflict and prompting government and security officials to spring into action.

Niger: France and US should intervene in Libya

02/05/2014 10:29am
Niger's interior minister says France and the United States should intervene in southern Libya "to eradicate the terrorist threat" in the region.

Congo: Rights groups denounce new amnesty law

02/05/2014 10:36am
Human rights groups in Congo have denounced parliamentary approval of an amnesty law covering acts of war dating back to 2006.