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Mozambique cops question Rwandan on spy chief case

01/08/2014 6:50am
Mozambican police questioned a Rwandan military officer in connection with the murder in South Africa of a former Rwandan spymaster, a private investigator said Wednesday.

Zimbabwe miners get 10 days for refinery plans

01/08/2014 7:35am
Zimbabwean authorities have given platinum miners 10 days to submit proposals to build a refinery by the end of the year.

Somali region of Puntland elects new president

01/08/2014 8:46am
The semi-autonomous Somalia region of Puntland has elected a new president.

S. Sudan: US doctors try to heal ethnic fractures

01/08/2014 9:05am
After receiving eye surgery from the American doctors, a South Sudanese man sat with other patients who belonged to tribes he once considered enemies. The men spoke about their newly restored vision _ both their eyesight and how they now perceive members of other ethnic groups as potential friends, not sworn enemies.