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Zimbabwe: Foreign shop owners get gov't reprieve

12/30/2013 5:27am
Foreign shop owners_mainly Chinese and Nigerian nationals_say Zimbabwean authorities have reversed an ultimatum for them to close their businesses by Jan. 1.

A look at al-Qaida's priorities through receipts

12/30/2013 9:22am
More than 100 receipts and invoices retrieved from a building occupied by al-Qaida's North African branch in Timbuktu, Mali show an organization intent on documenting even the most minor expenses. Here are a few examples, in West African francs translated into U.S. dollars:

Extremists kill 12 in Nigerian Christian villages

12/30/2013 10:30am
Suspected Islamic extremists targeted two Christian villages in mainly Muslim northeast Nigeria and killed at least 12 civilians including guests at a wedding reception, witnesses said Monday.

$0.60 for cake: Al-Qaida records every expense

12/30/2013 1:39pm
The convoy of cars bearing the black al-Qaida flag came at high speed, and the manager of the modest grocery store thought he was about to get robbed.