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Mandela portrait breaks South Africa record

12/03/2013 4:43am
A photographic portrait of Nelson Mandela has been bought by a private art collector in New York for $200,000, the highest price ever paid for a local portrait, organizers said Tuesday.

United Nations launches drones over Congo

12/03/2013 7:56am
At a ceremony held at a pockmarked airport in Congo's troubled east, the United Nations launched the first of five drones which will be used to gather intelligence about the myriad armed groups still lurking in the nation's vast jungles.

Highway toll takes toll on ruling SAfrican party

12/03/2013 8:30am
After years of delay, protests and legal action, a tolling system finally came into force Tuesday on a large part of the freeway network of South Africa's richest province, Gauteng, amid threats by opponents to continue the fight against the tolls which they warn could cost the ruling African National Congress votes in next year's elections.

Kenya breaks ground on big new airport

12/03/2013 8:40am
Only four months after a raging fire engulfed the arrivals terminal at Kenya's main airport, Kenya's president on Tuesday broke ground on new construction that officials hope will cement the country as East Africa's transportation leader.

Mali's jailed coup leader gives version of events

12/03/2013 8:42am
The officer who led last year's military coup, and who was arrested last week, says from his jail cell that the soldiers sent to detain him were in fact trying to kill him.

Official: 14 killed in mine disaster in Burkina

12/03/2013 8:46am
The local administrator of a gold-mining region in western Burkina Faso confirmed that 14 people were killed and 13 injured when a mine collapsed.

Kenya journalists protest media bill

12/03/2013 9:14am
About 300 journalists and civil rights activists marched to parliament and the president's office Tuesday in Kenya's capital to protest what they say is an attempt by lawmakers to stifle criticism by pressuring journalists with monetary fines.

Man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic

12/03/2013 5:19pm
Entombed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in an upended tugboat for three days, Harrison Odjegba Okene begged God for a miracle.