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Benin judge tries to flee to United States

12/02/2013 7:03am
A judge who angered the president of the West African nation of Benin says he fled the country over the weekend and is seeking political asylum in the United States.

Czech fugitive appears in South African court

12/02/2013 8:54am
Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir, who faces charges of attempted murder, assault and kidnapping, appeared in court Monday for a bail hearing amid tight security.

Africa's elephants threatened by killings: report

12/02/2013 10:44am
As many as 20 percent of Africa's elephants could be killed in the next 10 years if illegal poaching continues at the current rate, according to new data released Monday at the opening of the Elephant Summit in Botswana.

Lawmakers boot Somalia prime minister from office

12/02/2013 10:48am
Lawmakers in Somalia voted Monday to oust the country's prime minister and his Cabinet after 14 months in office.

Liberian president marches to protest rape

12/02/2013 11:10am
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and thousands of citizens marched through the main streets of Monrovia Monday to denounce rape which has remained a problem in the West African country since the civil war ended 10 years ago.