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Mozambique rebels sow fear in fresh uprising

11/09/2013 3:00am
In this bustling Mozambican town, soldiers search buses, military police patrol streets and civilians are jittery after a surge in attacks by rebels that echoes the civil war that ended two decades ago.

US envoy was inspired by South African struggle

11/09/2013 7:09am
The new United States ambassador to South Africa says he was a "young kid" when he first met Nelson Mandela, who traveled to the U.S. a few months after he was released from jail in 1990. Patrick Gaspard, now 46 years old, was so enthralled that he ignored the anti-apartheid leader's simple request in a municipal chamber in New York City.

Militants attack Somalia prison; 3 guards killed

11/09/2013 9:10am
A government official says that about 20 armed Islamic extremists attacked a prison in northern Somalia in an attempt to free prisoners.

Ghana: President sacks minister after leaked tape

11/09/2013 9:54am
Ghana's president has fired his deputy communications minister after a leaked recording in which she said she wanted to make 1 million dollars.

Nigerian military kills 5 in Kano shoot-out

11/09/2013 11:19am
After months of relative calm in the northern Nigerian city of Kano, shootouts early Saturday morning killed two soldiers and five suspected Islamic extremist insurgents, said military officials.

3 Tuareg rebels killed in northern Mali

11/09/2013 2:32pm
Malian officials and Tuareg separatists say three Tuareg fighters were killed by the army in northeastern Mali on Friday.