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In Nigeria, basketball dreams are growing

10/02/2013 10:02am
Abiodun Francis Ayetimiyi was meant to follow his father and pursue medicine in Nigeria. He found a different path one morning seven years ago when he was playing soccer and came upon another ball, a big orange one.

Unanswered questions surround Kenya mall attack

10/02/2013 10:50am
The Sept. 21 terrorist attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall produced a raft of questions that haven't always had clear, complete answers. The answers to some questions about the attack have changed over time. Other questions haven't yet been fully answered.

Mali releases 23 prisoners affiliated with rebels

10/02/2013 2:54pm
Mali's justice minister says the government has released 23 prisoners of war affiliated with a movement of separatist Tuareg rebels who announced last week they were pulling out of a peace accord.

Gambia leaves 'neo-colonial' Commonwealth

10/02/2013 5:09pm
The West African nation of Gambia has announced it is withdrawing from the Commonwealth, a collection of 54 nations made up largely of former British colonies, saying it will "never be a member of any neo-colonial institution."

Mali leader decries recent uptick in violence

10/02/2013 6:26pm
Mali's president on Wednesday decried a recent flare-up of violence in the West African nation, accusing separatist rebels in the north of "blackmail" and vowing to dissolve a military reform committee after soldiers took up arms to demand promotions.