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Swaziland tallies results in disputed election

09/21/2013 4:03am
Swaziland is tallying up results from parliamentary elections that opposition figures and many international observers called a sham process engineered by the country's king to retain a tight grip on power.

UN special envoy: Guinea legislative vote delayed

09/21/2013 3:32pm
Long-awaited and hotly contested legislative elections in Guinea will be delayed by several days after the opposition threatened to boycott over concerns about the voter list and other issues, a U.N. special envoy said late Saturday.

Kenya mall: Reporter outside, good friends inside

09/21/2013 4:57pm
The frantic phone call came from a close friend staying the weekend with my family: She was inside Nairobi's most upscale mall and could hear gunshots. Her husband and 2-year-old daughter were inside too, but she didn't know where. Where should she go?