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More than 100 Chadian soldiers leave north Mali

09/18/2013 7:55am
An official with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali says more than 100 Chadian soldiers have left their positions in the northern Kidal province.

Kagame's party wins majority seats in Rwanda polls

09/18/2013 8:10am
President Paul Kagame's ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front party has won the majority of seats in parliamentary elections, an election official said.

Liberian president's son cites disagreements

09/18/2013 9:04am
Robert Sirleaf, the son of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who resigned as chairman of the state oil company this week, says his mother never heeded the advice he gave while serving in government.

Zambia separatists are defiant in court

09/18/2013 12:44pm
A prominent separatist group in Zambia is called Linyunga-ndambo, which means "that which shakes the neighbor" in a regional language. And the more than 60 Zambians charged with treason for trying to secede did shake things up this week when they told magistrates that they can't be tried because they are citizens of another state.