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Rwandan official hints troops could enter Congo

08/30/2013 5:44am
Rwanda's foreign minister has indicated in social media that Rwandan troops could enter Congo.

Gold miners set to go on strike in South Africa

08/30/2013 6:08am
A spokesman for a mineworkers' union in South Africa says gold miners will go on strike next week after talks with South Africa's Chamber of Mines collapsed Friday.

Mogdishu TEDx talk challenged by security threats

08/30/2013 6:21am
The short talks by artists and intellectuals at events known as TEDx have been held 7,500 times in more than 150 countries, but there may not be an event more challenging or dangerous as the TEDx talk being held in Mogadishu this Saturday.

Tunisia closes south border regions for security

08/30/2013 6:27am
Tunisia's presidency has announced the closure of its southern regions bordering Algeria and Libya to protect against the threat of terrorism.

Mali coup leader parlays power grab into promotion

08/30/2013 8:21am
Amadou Haya Sanogo's rise through the ranks in Mali's military hadn't exactly been meteoric. He'd failed officer exams, and was living in army barracks with cement walls and a tin roof when he launched a coup. Now he's parlayed that power grab into a promotion that makes him the country's highest-ranking military official.