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Autopsy shows Norwegian died of suicide in Congo

08/29/2013 4:49am
An autopsy carried out by military authorities in Congo shows that Tjostolv Moland, a Norwegian citizen imprisoned in Congo since 2009, died by hanging himself.

Court charges Nigerians for support of terrorism

08/29/2013 5:08am
A Nigerian Federal court charged two Nigerians with providing support for acts of terrorism by an Iranian militant cell.

41 killed in Kenya bus crash, Red Cross says

08/29/2013 7:52am
The driver of a bus traveling on a dark, country road in Kenya lost control of the vehicle early Thursday and it plunged into a valley, shearing the roof off as it rolled and killing at least 41 people, officials said.

UN defends Zimbabwe as world tourism summit host

08/29/2013 10:13am
The largest global tourism summit organized by the United Nations ended Thursday with officials defending Zimbabwe's role as co-host after years of abuses of human and democratic rights in the southern African nation.

25,000 fail Liberia college entrance exam

08/29/2013 10:51am
After completing high school in June, 20-year-old Lawrence Bondo spent six weeks working with a private tutor to prepare for the University of Liberia's entrance exam, focusing on the geometry he found so difficult.

Egypt bans Israeli ship from docking for repairs

08/29/2013 11:14am
Egyptian officials have denied permission for an Israeli container ship needing repairs to dock at a port at the southern tip of the Suez Canal.

Heavy rains, flooding kill 24 people in Mali

08/29/2013 11:28am
The torrential rains started to fall when Ichaka Sacko was still at work, selling clothes at a bustling market in Mali's capital. He rushed home early, feeling ill at ease.

Man accused in uranium deal had fake passport

08/29/2013 12:07pm
Sierra Leone says a man who has been charged in the U.S. with brokering a uranium deal intended for Iran is in fact not a citizen of the West African country and was traveling on a fake passport.

Ghana court upholds election results in ruling

08/29/2013 12:13pm
Ghana's supreme court has upheld the results of the last presidential election following an opposition challenge.