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South Africa details military deployment in Congo

08/23/2013 5:26am
South Africa says it is contributing 1,345 troops to a United Nations military mission with a mandate to fight rebel groups in eastern Congo in an effort to bring peace to the country.

Nigeria: 22,000 deported to Niger, Cameroon, Chad

08/23/2013 7:22am
The interior minister says Nigeria has deported 22,000 illegal migrants to neighboring countries in a crackdown related to an Islamic uprising in the northeast.

Newborns being stolen at a top Uganda hospital

08/23/2013 8:17am
One baby was healthy and the other cold and lifeless, a sight that horrified Michael Mubangizi and his wife, a young Ugandan couple who soon felt one of their twin babies had been swapped at Uganda's main public hospital. They rejected the dead one, saying it wasn't theirs, and a DNA test later proved they were right.

C. African Republic rebels accused of massacres

08/23/2013 8:32am
The rebels invaded on stolen motorcycles at 5 a.m., shooting into the air to announce their arrival in the secluded village in Central African Republic. They went house to house, breaking down doors and separating the men from the women and children.