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Report says anti-media attacks in Tanzania on rise

08/06/2013 6:22am
A media watchdog says that a rise in anti-press attacks and repressive laws is sowing fear and self-censorship among journalists in Tanzania.

Somalia signs oil exploration deal with UK firm

08/06/2013 7:58am
Somalia's government has signed an oil and gas exploration deal with a newly formed British company, the first such agreement by a central government in Somalia following decades of conflict.

US Embassy sends letter to widow after fatal crash

08/06/2013 10:59am
The Kenyan widow of a man killed in a traffic accident involving a U.S. diplomat said she received a letter of condolence Tuesday from the embassy.

Rwanda: Pres. Clinton, Chelsea promote clean water

08/06/2013 11:01am
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea are promoting clean water in Rwanda.

Senegal crews trying to move boat spilling fuel

08/06/2013 11:50am
Senegalese authorities say they're trying to raise a marooned boat that is leaking diesel fuel into the ocean off the coast of the capital.