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Doctor offers tips for men to stay healthy

06/17/2014 6:53pm
June is Men's Health Month. Overall health and wellness is an important part of living a full and happy life. Addressing one's health is scary, but avoiding it altogether can be deadly.

Active lifestyle vital for men's health, doctor says

06/17/2014 7:46pm
Men are known for having an overwhelmingly dismissive attitude when it comes to their physical health. Dr. Scott Hansen from Intermountain Healthcare says maintaining an active lifestyle is not only needed, it's necessary.

5 essentials to keep a man's mental health in check

06/17/2014 8:04pm
Depression is an emotional disturbance that affects a person's whole body and overall health. Poor mental health is listed among the leading causes of death in men. Here are five essentials to keep a man's health in check.