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Playing for Charity

12/11/2012 1:01pm
The designers of the game "Jerry's Hunt" want to give back this holiday season. They are donating all the profits from their game to the Salvation Army. Kevin Platt of Dragon Shield games stopped by to tell us more.

Tech Detox

12/11/2012 1:07pm
Are you ready to turn off your devices for the holidays? Or maybe just step back? Weber State University tech expert Alex Lawrence stopped by to give us some hints on how to do it.

Live and Thrive

12/11/2012 1:11pm
Lots of people make getting healthier their New Year's resolution. But you could start right now. Live and Thrive is an online community that encourages members to make better choices -- and get out and move. Founder Sheryl McGlochlin stopped by the studio to tell us more.