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How the Atonement lifts our burdens

03/31/2013 10:02am
Easter is all about renewal--about the Saviors Atoning sacrifice and how it blesses our lives and lifts our burdens.

Everyone has a story

03/31/2013 10:03am
Personal Storyteller Carol Rice believes everyone has a story to share. At a Family Story Conference, she was inspired by the tale of Ron and Barbara Shackelford--a couple who's been through tough times but wants to tell their experiences to encourage others.

Sharing the stories of our lives with those we love

03/31/2013 10:04am
See why and how we should share the stories of our lives with those we love. It's a great way to make cherished connections and it's easier than you might think.

Brad Wilcox: The Continuous Atonement

03/31/2013 10:05am
Popular speaker, professor and author Brad Wilcox stops by the show to discuss how the atonement of Jesus Christ can lift our burdens.

Young mother survives debilitating stroke and inspires others

03/31/2013 10:06am
See how the Savior's sacrifice can help us feel peace when life doesn't go as we plan. In the case of inspiring young mother, Christina Hoehn, an early stroke actually drew her family closer together.

Two families bond together in ultimate forgiveness

03/31/2013 10:07am
An incredible story of forgiveness. Hear how one family found it in their hearts to forgive and love the man responsible for a car crash that killed their mother.

March 31, 2013

03/31/2013 10:08am
This Easter Sunday on "Mormon Times TV," you'll see the amazing story of the Beecher family who basically pardoned a man for killing their mother in a car crash. In fact, they've done more than you can imagine to help the man's family and engulf them with love and support.