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Church makes donation to Detox Center

02/10/2013 10:03am
The Church recently made a large monetary donation to the Volunteers of America's Adult Detoxification Center in Salt Lake City.

The infinite power of hope

02/10/2013 10:04am
President Dieter F. Uchdorf helps us understand the infinite power that hope provides in this Mormon Message video.

Expressions of love

02/10/2013 10:05am
Love has a way of helping us have hope. Hear how several couples express love to their spouses and the blessings that result from these expressions.

Elder Gerald N. Lund: How to channel the power of hope for our good

02/10/2013 10:06am
Former General Authority and author, Gerald N. Lund, talks about the reasons many of us lack hope, and why we need to learn to channel this power for our good.

Addict finds recovery through forgiveness and hope

02/10/2013 10:07am
Addiction defined Denise Deien's life for years. Her total turnaround is remarkable. Hear how she was able to break the chains of addiction, and how forgiveness played a factor.

Trolley Square widow finds hope after loss

02/10/2013 10:08am
Vickie Walker lost her husband in the Trolley Square mall shooting in 2007. Her son was severely injured. She shares how she made it through those dark days.

February 10th, 2013

02/10/2013 10:10am
This Sunday on "Mormon Times TV," we'll find out how a woman who lost her husband in the Trolley Square shootings was not only able to handle such despair and still move forward with hope…but also how she's using her experiences to help other victims of crime.