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Divine Heritage Choir spreading the gospel through song

11/18/2012 10:05am
What began as a group of friends in Utah County gathering to sing has grown into a choir that has touched the lives of thousands over the past 12 years.

Fun family service ideas

11/18/2012 10:06am
Party, holiday and ideas contributor Alisa Bangerter shows us how to turn family fun into family service.

Real Mormon missionaries in 'The District'

11/18/2012 10:07am
It seems like an unlikely thing for the LDS Church to do but see how real Mormon missionaries landed in a reality TV series.

'Mormon Helping Hands' to the rescue of Hurricane Sandy victims

11/18/2012 10:08am
Find out how members and missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ran to the aid of the distressed following Hurricane Sandy.

November 18, 2012

11/18/2012 2:10pm
Growing up in Southern California, we never had any warning of an earthquake. But they came, they were often frightening, and they struck when you least expected it.