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How to handle homework meltdowns

08/18/2014 6:58am
"When I just say the words, 'It's time for homework,' it turns into such a battle." This week in LIFEadvice, Coach Kim gives some tips and resources for parents who dread back-to-school homework battles.

Antibiotics may mess with your baby's metabolism

08/18/2014 8:49am
If young mice are given antibiotics early in life, they have a greater chance of becoming obese, a new study out of NYU Langone Medical Center found.

1 in 9 girls marry before age 15, and here's what to do about it

08/18/2014 8:55am
Children — especially girls — are forced into marriages that make them susceptible to abuse, poverty, and even early death from pregnancy issues. Experts say we can change all that.

Video: Mom, 'you really broke my heart'

08/18/2014 9:59am
Being a kid is tough. But thanks to smartphones we get to see how hard being a kid truly is nowadays.

Paying for someone's groceries and other moments that made your day

08/18/2014 10:17am
Each week, we feature stories from our readers about acts of generosity or kindness they have seen, done, or experienced. Whether these experiences are new or old doesn't matter, so long as they made an impact on you.

Trash palaces: The spectacular houses built from scrap

08/18/2014 10:31am
Getting a foothold on the property ladder can be a challenge at the best of times, and the prospects for many of us have been battered further by the global recession. But necessity is the mother of invention and there are routes to home ownership that are not blocked by estate agents and eye-watering fees.

Kids' brains reorganize when learning math skills

08/18/2014 10:46am
Sometime in elementary school, you quit counting your fingers and just know the answer. Now scientists have put youngsters into brain scanners to find out why, and watched how the brain reorganizes itself as kids learn math.

Missing hunter found in 'excellent' condition

08/18/2014 10:57am
A missing hunter was found by another hunter Monday morning, officials confirm.

6 great multi-day river trips to take in or near Utah

08/18/2014 11:20am
A description of river running with a list of Utah's best river running options, plus the granddaddy of them all - the Grand Canyon.

Hunters snag 1K-pound alligator, an Alabama record

08/18/2014 11:20am
A family battled a 1,000-pound alligator for more than five hours, putting several large hooks into the beast before firing a fatal shotgun blast into the gator's head.

McDonald's confronts its junk food image

08/18/2014 11:41am
At a dinner McDonald's hosted for reporters and bloggers, waiters served cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs using ingredients from the chain's menu.

Carbon County teen dies in dirt bike crash

08/18/2014 12:46pm
A Carbon County teen died Saturday after crashing his off-road motorcycle into the side of a tractor-trailer truck.

Have You Seen This? Mind-bending projection mapping

08/18/2014 1:15pm
Projection mapping with real-time tracking might truly mess with your head.

10 closing costs you may not expect — and how to save on them

08/18/2014 2:03pm
Buying a home can be an expensive undertaking. Find out which closing costs might be negotiable and which are not.

Movies to get you excited for football season

08/18/2014 2:10pm
As if you needed one more thing to get you even more excited for the upcoming football season, here are some football flicks to get your inner warrior ready for kick-off.

Utah man oldest person to finish American Ninja Warrior course

08/18/2014 3:11pm
At 52 years old, local man Jon Stewart trained hard to become the oldest person ever to complete a city finals course on "American Ninja Warrior."

Police seek man who allegedly groped juvenile in Target

08/18/2014 3:31pm
Police asked for help Monday to identify a man who they say sexually assaulted a juvenile girl in Target.

Ogden monastery to be converted into rehab center

08/18/2014 4:41pm
City officials have given the green light to convert a former South Ogden monastery into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Child, 8, falls to death in Yellowstone canyon

08/18/2014 5:00pm
An 8-year-old girl has died after falling about 550 feet while hiking in Yellowstone National Park.

Arrest warrant issued in Banksy vandalism case

08/18/2014 5:02pm
A Utah judge ordered the arrest Monday of a man seen in YouTube videos defacing murals believed to have been done by the famous graffiti artist Banksy.

Deputy saves life of pit bull shot by arrow

08/18/2014 5:33pm
Washington County sheriff's deputies say they found a dog shot with an arrow on Old Highway 91 near the Arizona line, the third animal shot by an arrow or blow dart in the county this year.

Police: Man 'looking for lost cats' burglarized multiple garages

08/18/2014 6:01pm
A man was arrested Monday after burglarizing "numerous" garages and vehicles in South Jordan, police said.

Cougar dies after being captured in Orem neighborhood

08/18/2014 6:41pm
Wildlife officials say a cougar has died after she roamed through a neighborhood in Orem and was tranquilized by state biologists.

Detectives looking for witness video of nightclub shooting

08/18/2014 6:55pm
Police say they're still looking for witnesses and anyone who might have taken smartphone video of a downtown nightclub shooting late Saturday.

Protesters seek transparency in officer-involved shootings

08/18/2014 7:03pm
People gathered Monday to demand answers and transparency from police regarding the shooting of Dillon Taylor, who was killed last week in a confrontation with police.

Driver arrested after hitting man twice, police say

08/18/2014 7:03pm
A Price man was arrested for investigation of attempted murder Sunday after police say he hit another man twice with a sport-utility vehicle, leaving the victim with serious injuries.

3 found with escaped inmate booked into jail

08/18/2014 7:08pm
Salt Lake County Jail officials said Monday they didn't understand why an inmate who was due to be released in three months or less tried to escape over the weekend.

SLC airport: Lasers pointed into 3 plane cockpits

08/18/2014 7:29pm
Police are investigating reports of a laser being pointed into the cockpits of three aircraft approaching Salt Lake City International Airport on Sunday.

Image overload: Help us sort it all out, NASA requests

08/18/2014 7:31pm
NASA is asking for your help. No, you do not get to go to space.

Utah company raises over $83K in 9 hours for Bluetooth padlock

08/18/2014 7:33pm
For anyone who has struggled to remember their padlock combination or find the key, two Utah men have created a solution that raised over $83,000 in nine hours of fundraising.

The down (and dangerous) side to getting a tattoo

08/18/2014 8:38pm
There's no doubt body art has become increasingly popular over the years — but just because something is popular doesn't mean it's not dangerous. You could become the proud owner of a great looking tattoo and a lifetime of health issues.

‘Hoarded’ chihuahuas rescued, put up for adoption

08/18/2014 8:50pm
Chihuahuas recently rescued from a hoarding situation in Logan are waiting for a loving new home.

Jury selected for trial of man accused of killing jailhouse acquaintance

08/18/2014 9:11pm
After more than 10 hours of questioning and interviews, a jury was impaneled Monday in the case of a Fort Duchesne man accused of killing an acquaintance in April 2013.

Business deal brings electricity to a remote corner of the Navajo Nation

08/18/2014 9:20pm
Most Americans take electricity in their homes for granted, only missing it during the occasional power outage. But near Lake Powell there are families who have been waiting decades to get electricity, and for some that wait is finally over.

Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen

08/18/2014 9:47pm
Community Health Systems, which operates 206 hospitals across the United States, announced on Monday that hackers recently broke into its computers and stole data on 4.5 million patients. One of the affected hospitals is in Utah.

Poll: Utahns support Amendment 3, believe victory unlikely

08/18/2014 9:51pm
A recent poll shows the majority of Utahns support the state's decision to appeal the ruling that struck down Amendment 3, but an even greater number believe the Supreme Court will rule a ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Canyons School District announces new safety policies for students on buses

08/18/2014 10:13pm
The Canyons School District announced policy changes are being implemented to increase student safety following allegations against a bus driver on trial for alleged sexual abuse of two girls with special needs.

Heavy rain, flooding reported in southern Utah

08/18/2014 10:19pm
Heavy rain triggered flooding that affected several homes in Washington County Monday night.

Pathologist: Brown may have had his hands raised

08/18/2014 10:50pm
The unarmed 18-year-old whose fatal shooting by police has sparked a week of protests in suburban St. Louis suffered a bullet wound to his right arm that may indicate his hands were up or his back was turned, a pathologist hired by his family said Monday.

Spectrum Academy hosts grand opening in Pleasant Grove

08/18/2014 10:56pm
A school for children with high-functioning autism has officially opened its doors. Spectrum Academy in Pleasant Grove had its grand opening celebration Monday.

Low-cost cash bail sparks complaints against Utah County judges

08/18/2014 11:10pm
Millions of dollars are paid each year for law enforcement to take criminals off the streets. But in Utah County, judges give many inmates a low-cost option to bail out of jail. The practice has created controversy and may wind up in a lawsuit.