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Do you procrastinate at work?

08/11/2014 6:55am
"Every time I get assigned a big, overwhelming or difficult project at work, the same pattern shows up. I want to start working on it and get it done, but I end up putting it off for weeks or even months." Coach Kim gives some useful tips for breaking through the fear that causes procrastination.

Stories you may have missed this weekend

08/11/2014 7:41am
Good Samaritans, tragic stories, and other stories you may have missed this weekend.

Owners charged in car windshield repair scam

08/11/2014 7:59am
Owners of two Pleasant Grove businesses that repair rock-chip damage to vehicle windshields have been charged with felony fraud.

Teenagers: Engaging less in high-risk activities since 1991

08/11/2014 9:42am
The national Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance survey finds that about a third of high school students drink regularly, a quarter recently had a physical fight and more than a third are sexually active.

Leave the fear of a mortgage behind you

08/11/2014 10:12am
When you're prepared for them, things usually aren't as scary. Why should a mortgage be any different?

Accepting help and 4 other moments that made someone's day

08/11/2014 10:19am
Accepting help can feel undermining to your independence. Or maybe you feel someone else needs charity more. But sometimes, being on the receiving end can teach us a few things. Each Monday, we share moments in which someone received or gave help.

Tracy Morgan's attorney says Walmart is at fault for crash

08/11/2014 10:36am
The attorney for Tracy Morgan says the actor still has a long road ahead as he recovers from injuries suffered in a crash in June.

Determined not to fail, retired teacher loses 250 pounds

08/11/2014 11:02am
There are workout horror stories and then there's Kathleen Riser, who was mocked by the most unlikely of sources: a fitness trainer at the gym. "There's another one who will break our equipment," she overheard one trainer say 2½ years ago, pointing at her 350-plus pound frame. It was only a confirmation of her fears.

Why you should escape the summer heat at Utah's ski resorts

08/11/2014 11:15am
Utah's ski resorts are great places to escape summer heat. Park City, Snowbird and Sundance all offer full-service summer resorts for those seeking relaxation and adventure.

Best defensive players in Mendenhall era

08/11/2014 11:40am
The 2014-2015 season will mark Bronco Mendenhall's 10th year at the helm of BYU's football team. First, I looked at the best offensive performers in the Mendenhall era. As a follow-up, here are the best defensive performers from that same peri

Protests play out in streets after teen is fatally shot by police

08/11/2014 11:51am
The morning after a peaceful candlelight vigil for a teenager fatally shot by police disintegrated into violence and looting, the mayor of Ferguson, Missouri, called for calm.

8 weird houses worth a visit

08/11/2014 12:08pm
A house is just a house, right? Even the increasingly popular tiny houses look like standard houses, reduced in size. But some houses are so far outside of the box, they're worth a trip to see.

Police: Concealed permit holder reacts to 'loud bang' at Wal-Mart

08/11/2014 12:32pm
Vernal police responded to reports Friday night that a man had fired shots outside Wal-Mart and then gone inside. Officers later determined that a man with a concealed weapons permit had drawn his gun after hearing a "loud bang."

Have You Seen This? 'You're not alone anymore, Grandpa'

08/11/2014 1:24pm
A man who lost his beloved wife of 63 years and his dog in the space of four months received a touching surprise from his family.

Man assaults girlfriend then has heart attack, police say

08/11/2014 1:31pm
A Vernal man suspected of assaulting his girlfriend during a weekend camping trip suffered a heart attack shortly after the alleged assault, according to the Uintah County Sheriff's Office.

Christian-based love story to battle 'Fifty Shades of Grey' at box office

08/11/2014 2:02pm
"Fifty Shades of Grey" is set to be released on Valentine's Day next year, at the same time as a Christian-based romance simply titled "Old Fashioned."

Utah man facing DUI, vehicle charges in chase case

08/11/2014 2:50pm
Authorities in Utah say a 22-year-old man faces stolen vehicle, driving under the influence and other charges after leading American Fork police on a 100-mph chase during the weekend.

West Nile detected in Utah County mosquitoes, officials say

08/11/2014 3:29pm
Utah County Health Department officials announced Monday that West Nile Virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Utah County.

Number of Utah bucks similar or better than last year, DWR says

08/11/2014 4:26pm
Division of Wildlife officials have good news for hunters with tags this fall: In almost every region of the state, the number of bucks are either similar to or better than the 2013 hunt.

Man killed when tractor accidentally rolls over him

08/11/2014 4:31pm
A tragic accident killed a man while he was bailing hay at his home Sunday morning in Sanpete County, officials say.

Car involved in fatal Parleys Canyon crash was stolen, UHP says

08/11/2014 4:58pm
Police confirmed a vehicle involved in a fatal car crash in Parleys Canyon morning was stolen.

Rainbow Family's 'Hitler' pleads 'no contest' in June stabbing

08/11/2014 5:38pm
A New Mexico woman who is known by the pseudonym "Hitler" has entered a no-contest plea in connection with the stabbing of a Utah man at this summer's Rainbow Family Gathering.

Obama welcomes new Iraqi leaders as 'step forward'

08/11/2014 6:01pm
President Barack Obama welcomed new leadership in Iraq as "a promising step forward" Monday amid a political and security crisis in Baghdad, saying the only lasting solution is the formation of an inclusive government.

Love 12 points ahead of Owens in 4th District race, poll says

08/11/2014 6:05pm
Republican Mia Love is ahead of Democrat Doug Owens in the 4th District congressional race, but would lose again to retiring Rep. Jim Matheson if Utah's only Democrat in Congress was running again, according to a new poll.

Deadly tornado hit downtown Salt Lake 15 years ago

08/11/2014 6:39pm
Monday marks the 15th anniversary of a destructive tornado that tore through downtown Salt Lake City, killing one person and leaving millions of dollars in damage.

Family of 3 recovering from surgery on day after plane crash

08/11/2014 6:48pm
Three people who survived a small plane crash on a West Jordan soccer field Sunday remained hospitalized Monday. All three underwent surgery to repair their broken backs, a family member said.

Calls from parents distract teen drivers, study finds

08/11/2014 6:54pm
More than half of teen drivers reported talking to their mother or father on the phone while driving.

Family offers empathy to parents of Syracuse teen killed in driveway accident

08/11/2014 7:30pm
The parents of a young boy who was backed over and killed in a driveway accident five years ago are offering empathy to the family of 15-year-old Marli Hamblin. She was sunbathing when a family member accidentally backed over her; she died Sunday.

Volunteer’s laptop stolen at church; police seek thief

08/11/2014 7:32pm
Police are asking for help to locate a man who recently stole a laptop from a church.

Ex-bus driver to stand trial on 33 sex abuse charges

08/11/2014 7:39pm
A judge ordered John Martin Carrell, 61, to stand trial on 33 counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child Monday, noting that a jury should decide whether the man acted inappropriately.

No ruling on Utah ski area's rare snowboarding ban

08/11/2014 8:00pm
A reignited culture clash between snowboarders and skiers didn't get an immediate resolution Monday after boarders suing one of the last ski resorts in the country to prohibit their hobby argued in a Utah courtroom that the ban is discriminatory and based on outdated stereotypes.

147-year-old Utah flour mill is on the rise

08/11/2014 8:21pm
A 147-year-old Utah flour mill is producing dozens of flours that are in high demand for artisan bakeries.

Baby safety gate review: 4 products that make the grade

08/11/2014 8:57pm
As soon as your baby begins crawling, securing your home can become a challenge. Safety gates can help, and this review looks at the pros and cons of four models currently on the market.

12 movie-goer stereotypes you'll find no matter where you are

08/11/2014 9:07pm
Going to the movies can be fun for everyone. It can be even more fun when you recognize movie-goer stereotypes.

Map shows average Internet speed for each state

08/11/2014 9:21pm
For any Utahn who has ever been disappointed with their Internet speed, just know that it could be worse. A recent map showed that Utah ranks no. 8 in the fastest average Internet speeds in the nation.

Man in $6 million arson case wants police interview dismissed

08/11/2014 9:44pm
A federal judge will decide in the next month whether to throw out a police interview during which a Utah electrician admitted to setting an unfinished apartment building on fire.

Landslide damage forces indefinite closure at N. Salt Lake rec center

08/11/2014 9:46pm
Almost 70 employees of the Eagleridge Tennis and Swim Club haven't been allowed back at work after the North Salt Lake landslide damaged a tennis court building, putting the whole facility at risk.

Employee files lawsuit against West Jordan City, city leaders

08/11/2014 10:09pm
A longtime West Jordan City employee has filed a lawsuit against the city, its city manager, two of the city's attorneys and a state investigator in federal court. The complaint points to tension between the city's judicial and executive branches.

3-alarm blaze damages 6 condo units, kills dog

08/11/2014 10:30pm
A barbeque grill is being blamed for sparking a 3-alarm fire Monday evening at a condo complex near 8000 West and 3400 South in Magna.

Are cellphone restrictions making a difference?

08/11/2014 10:33pm
Utah enacted cellphone restrictions three months ago that essentially force motorists to go hands-free with a few exceptions. UHP believes the new law is making a positive difference.

Officer-involved shooting leaves 1 man dead, police say

08/11/2014 10:59pm
A man was shot and killed in a confrontation with police officers Monday night.

Comedian and actor Robin Williams dead at 63

08/11/2014 11:04pm
Actor Robin Williams was found dead in his home in Tiburon, California Monday morning.