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Improperly restrained children injured in hit-and-run crash

08/01/2014 6:56am
Two children who were not properly restrained in the backseat of a car were injured in a hit-and-run crash.

Officer stops driver for speeding, saves his life

08/01/2014 8:01am
Not many people can say they owe their lives to a near speeding ticket.

Annual hike honors teen killed in tragic accident

08/01/2014 9:07am
Melissa Dalton Bradford is almost never at a loss for words. However, the author and blogger will tell you that she lost her voice for a time after losing her eldest son in a tragic accident.

Some airlines crack down on oversize carry-on luggage

08/01/2014 9:50am
Some airlines are fed up with oversize carry-on bags. They're cracking down on fliers who hold up boarding times as they try to heave oversize luggage into overhead bins.

10 reasons why religion belongs in school

08/01/2014 9:50am
There are many benefits to learning about religion. And schools in the United States — which have been mediocre in recent years, a 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment study found — may also reap rewards for instructing about faith.

Cantor to resign from House seat in August

08/01/2014 10:02am
After a surprise primary election loss, U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor will resign his seat in the House of Representatives months earlier than expected.

Commentary: Jazz fans should be happy Hayward stayed

08/01/2014 10:16am
Utah Jazz fans should throw away their dour opinions on Gordon Hayward and look at his potential to improve over the coming seasons.

Indiana teen pilot, dad raise $1 million for charity despite deadly crash

08/01/2014 10:47am
A California entrepreneur is helping salvage the dream of a father and son from Indiana who died trying to pilot a plane around the world in a record-breaking quest for charity.

1984 Cougars remember their magical season

08/01/2014 11:02am
But would the 1984 team play in the national title game this year?

Does quirky vibe for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' pay off?

08/01/2014 11:14am
Marvel gambles with different vibe for "Guardians of the Galaxy." Does it pay off?

Quiz: How much do you know about the world?

08/01/2014 11:41am
Traveling can take you to incredible destinations, teach you about history, help you explore different cultures and help you to relax. How much do you know about our exciting world? Enjoy testing your own travel knowledge by taking this quiz.

Ebola outbreak could have 'catastrophic' consequences

08/01/2014 11:44am
Fear over Ebola is growing as international leaders and health organizations struggle to try to stop the deadly epidemic in West Africa. U.S. planes have been dispatched to bring home the Americans infected with the disease.

Running just 5 minutes a day could add years to your life

08/01/2014 11:51am
Good news for those that find it almost impossible to fit in exercise: a new study found that running just 5 minutes a day decreased the mortality rate by a whopping 30 percent.

How to survive the summer heat — without spending too much

08/01/2014 12:09pm
It's hot out there. We all want to stay as comfortable as possible without emptying our bank account when the power bill comes. Here's how to maximize your comfort, minimize your temperature and keep the bills down.

Woman accused of texting stranger, offering drugs

08/01/2014 12:42pm
Ogden authorities say a 38-year-old woman faces a criminal charge after sending text messages to a stranger and offering to sell prescription drugs.

Have You Seen This? Tiny Russian drummer

08/01/2014 1:16pm
A 3-year-old from Russia proves that some people are lucky enough to be born with talent that bursts from the body, unwilling to be contained.

What you should know for the Kimball Arts Festival

08/01/2014 1:51pm
The Kimball Arts Festival hits Park City this weekend and provides various events and activities.

2-pound Michigan baby undergoes heart procedure

08/01/2014 2:01pm
A 2-pound Michigan newborn dubbed "Mighty Girl" by her parents is one of the smallest babies in the world to undergo a heart procedure to open up a blocked artery caused by a congenital defect.

Secrets insurance companies don't tell you

08/01/2014 2:02pm
We all have insurance on our vehicles and count on it to be there when we need it. But before accepting an offered payment, get the scoop on the secrets the insurance company won't tell you.

Utah lobbyists required to wear badges at Capitol

08/01/2014 2:31pm
Lobbyists at Utah's Capitol became marked people on Friday, as a new law went into effect requiring them to wear a badge bearing their name and the word "lobbyist" as they try to influence public officials.

Historic 1907 steam locomotive to be restored

08/01/2014 3:01pm
Heber Valley Railroad officials received components Wednesday to restore a historic 1907 steam locomotive.

Netflix adding over 50 titles in August

08/01/2014 3:20pm
Netflix dropped almost 40 titles at the end of July, but in an attempt to make things right they are adding over 50 titles for August.

Evacuees return after overnight gas explosions kill 26 inTaiwan

08/01/2014 4:39pm
Hundreds of people who fled from gas pipeline explosions in Taiwan's second-largest city returned to their homes Friday after authorities said there was no more risk of blasts like the series that ripped apart streets overnight, killing 26 people and injuring 267.

Woman arrested in connection to 2 aggravated robberies

08/01/2014 5:29pm
A woman who police said was involved with two aggravated robberies was arrested Thursday.

274 LDS missionaries in Ebola-affected areas being transferred

08/01/2014 5:46pm
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in the process of transferring and reassigning all its missionaries out of Sierra Leone and Liberia, following the outbreak of the Ebola virus.

Evidence of cougar activity prompts warnings at Dinosaur National Monument

08/01/2014 6:19pm
The recent discovery of an animal carcass left behind by a cougar has officials at Dinosaur National Monument reminding visitors about measures they can take to avoid problems with the big cats.

Feds indict man accused of traveling to Utah for sex with girl

08/01/2014 6:32pm
Federal prosecutors have indicted a California sex offender accused of driving to Utah for the purpose of having sex with a person he apparently believed was a 12-year-old girl. The "child" was actually a Vernal police detective.

Suspect identified in officer-involved shooting in Taylorsville

08/01/2014 6:58pm
Police were investigating an officer-involved shooting in Taylorsville Friday morning.

Olympic arch leaving Rice-Eccles Stadium

08/01/2014 7:09pm
A prominent symbol of the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics is moving but doesn't appear to have a new home yet.

9 most unhealthy restaurant meals in America

08/01/2014 7:28pm
Restaurants around the country are making it almost impossible to live by the mantra "moderation in all things." The Xtreme Eating Awards for 2014 are in and you can blow a day's or week's worth of calories by ordering a single entre.

Woman saves accident victim, reconnects in hospital

08/01/2014 7:52pm
A woman was reunited with a car accident victim after the victim's family located her on Facebook to thank her for helping during the incident.

Victim of pharmacy accident making 'unheard of' recovery

08/01/2014 8:13pm
Six years after a pharmacy's mistake left him in a coma, Jessie Scott is making incredible progress. In fact, a physical therapist with over 20 years of experiences says Jessie's recovery is unlike anything he's seen before.

Police: Son beat 70-year-old father to death in 'brutal attack'

08/01/2014 8:17pm
Police say they believe a 70-year-old man killed in a "brutal attack" Friday morning died at the hands of his son.

Man accused of assaulting girlfriend, pet raccoon

08/01/2014 8:42pm
A Uintah County man has been charged in connection with an incident where investigators say he threw his girlfriend and her pet raccoon against a wall.

Officer cleared in Sugar House dog shooting

08/01/2014 8:57pm
The officer who shot a dog while searching for a missing child acted within department policy, according to an internal affairs investigation.

Ways to rejuvenate mom before summer comes to an end

08/01/2014 9:18pm
With school just a few weeks away, moms can make the most of the remaining summer with recharged energy and meaningful connection.

Drive-By Art brings art to the streets of SLC

08/01/2014 9:44pm
Vinyls created by local artists hang on the outside of an abandoned building at 500 West and 400 South as part of an effort to beautify the neighborhood and highlight local artists.

Infant left alone in vehicle dies

08/01/2014 10:27pm
An infant died after being left alone in a vehicle for a "substantial period of time" Friday afternoon, police said.

3 brush fires close northbound I-15 in Santaquin

08/01/2014 10:58pm
Three small brush fires in Santaquin have forced the closure of northbound I-15 for over an hour.

Mystery of Michigan runaway solved in bizarre Utah tale

08/01/2014 11:06pm
A Utah judge has approved a petition from a Michigan woman to have her son's body exhumed from a Clearfield cemetery and taken back home to Michigan. The story of how he ended up in Utah before his death and was later found is both bizarre and miraculous.

ATV rider injured in Millville Canyon rollover

08/01/2014 11:07pm
Cache County sheriff's search and rescue team helped a 45-year-old Mendon resident out of Millville Canyon Friday. The man was seriously injured when the ATV he was driving hit a rock and rolled, according an official from the sheriff's office.