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Outlaw motorcycle gangs in Utah increase 300% in 5 years, police say

07/17/2014 7:37am
The presence of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Utah has increased significantly in the past five years, a veteran police officer told state lawmakers Wednesday. The state needs to get ahead of the curve, says Rep. Paul Ray, R- Clearfield.

Do e-cigarette ads target teens?

07/17/2014 8:08am
Health officials in Utah are very concerned about what kids might be seeing on TV. Recent studies show an explosion of commercials for electronic cigarettes on TV shows most likely seen by young people.

Drought leads to water restrictions in S. Utah

07/17/2014 8:29am
Many farmers and residents in southern Utah will no longer be able to use water from the Virgin River because of ongoing drought conditions that have greatly diminished water levels in the river and its tributaries.

3 steps to getting organized (in the real world)

07/17/2014 9:05am
If you hate getting organized, stop trying to be Martha Stewart and instead try one of these quick tips to jumpstart change.

Boomer vs. millennial: A tale of 2 job recoveries

07/17/2014 9:46am
Baby boomers and millennials have had different experiences in the recovery from the recession.

Ask a Chef: Tomatoes done right

07/17/2014 9:54am
This week Chef Aaron Ballard from Harmons shares techniques and recipes to get the most of your summer tomatoes.

Food label changes not enough, health officials say

07/17/2014 9:55am
Nutrition facts labels on food packages list ingredients and nutrient levels, but they don't tell consumers outright if a food is good for them.

A career cut short by injuries, former BYU LB Pendleton turns to coaching

07/17/2014 10:16am
Jordan Pendleton's time suiting up for the Cougars was riddled by multiple injuries, which likely cost him a chance to make an NFL roster. Now, he mentors athletes in sports performance, imparting the wisdom he's gained from his experience.

California's death penalty ruled unconstitutional

07/17/2014 10:28am
In ruling California's death penalty unconstitutional, a federal judge said Wednesday the system is so broken it unfairly leaves inmates with uncertain fates — often for decades.

Draft agreement aims to avoid split in Jordan district

07/17/2014 10:46am
City leaders and school officials in the Jordan School District met Monday to negotiate the terms of an agreement aimed at avoiding a district split.

9 years later, boy who fell from window making 'miraculous' recovery

07/17/2014 11:17am
A boy who had part of his brain removed after falling from a second- story window had his 13th surgery Wednesday.

Is this robot the world's next step toward the future?

07/17/2014 11:34am
This interactive robot, called Jibo, was created to assist families with everyday needs.

Why you should visit the 'Cape Cod of the midwest'

07/17/2014 11:58am
The "Cape Cod of the Midwest", Door County is a mix of Up North nature, new hipster restaurants, and small town charm. The mild summers attract local families but not hordes of tourists to this delightful northeast peninsula in Wisconsin.

Preliminary hearing set for alleged 'BYU Groper'

07/17/2014 12:14pm
A preliminary hearing was scheduled Thursday for a man charged in connection with a series of gropings around the BYU campus.

Twins are born 12 hours apart on different days

07/17/2014 12:46pm
The Muldowney twins will share plenty of things in life, but the same birthday isn't one of them.

Have You Seen This? TERROR-dactyl ride

07/17/2014 1:10pm
If you have guts of steel and a mild death wish, we have the ride for you.

First official images of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' released

07/17/2014 2:32pm
The follow-up to the third highest-grossing film of all time isn't due in theaters until May of 2015, but the first official photos of the film have been released

Buy jeans distressed by lions, tigers

07/17/2014 2:35pm
Now is your chance to own a pair of "the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals."

Man arrested for striking girlfriend's young son with pan, police say

07/17/2014 3:31pm
A man was arrested Wednesday after police say he assaulted his girlfriend's son with a pan. It was the third time in three weeks that Tracy Gallardo, 43, has either been arrested or convicted of a domestic violence-related crime.

Elaine Stritch mourned as a feisty, funny broad

07/17/2014 3:42pm
Elaine Stritch was more than a Broadway actress. She was a New York institution, strolling around in a fur coat, pork pie hat or oversized sunglasses. She often wore shorts and ties, or just black stockings and a white flowing shirt. Her weapon of choice was the zinger.

Microsoft CEO pivots sharply with 18,000 job cut

07/17/2014 4:01pm
Microsoft announced the biggest layoffs in its 39-year history Thursday, outlining plans to cut 18,000 jobs in a move that marked the CEO's sharpest pivot yet away from his predecessor's drive for the company to make its own devices.

Woman attempts robbery with tire iron, police say

07/17/2014 5:33pm
A woman was arrested Wednesday after hitting a vehicle with a tire iron and attempting to rob two men, police said.

Woman assaults mother, brother and officer, police say

07/17/2014 5:35pm
A woman was arrested after assaulting her mother, brother and an officer Wednesday evening, police said.

2 injured in shootout with police following high-speed chase

07/17/2014 6:21pm
Two aggravated robbery suspects were injured following a high-speed chase through several cities that ended in a shootout with police.

Man points gun at Maverik clerk, demands money, police say

07/17/2014 6:25pm
A man robbed a convenience store at gunpoint late Wednesday night, police said.

Hitchhiker who was shot in hip arrested on outstanding warrant, police say

07/17/2014 6:45pm
A man who was hitchhiking with his girlfriend from Nevada to St. George was shot and robbed while making a pit stop Wednesday, police said.

SLC International Airport construction to begin on $1.8B project

07/17/2014 7:03pm
Construction starts Friday for a new project that will take the 20 million people who fly through Utah on annual basis to new heights. A $1.8 billion new Salt Lake City International Airport will be under construction for the next eight to ten years.

21: Science's limit when it comes to the drinking age

07/17/2014 7:28pm
On July 17, 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. Thirty years later, there is a group of people with Ph.Ds and MDs who take issue with the high drinking age: "There's no magic that happens physically to someone when they are 21 as compared to age 18."

Police seek information about fatal accident on I-15

07/17/2014 8:28pm
Police are asking for the public's help in gathering more information about an accident on I-15 that killed a 21-year-old.

Stockton's water system shut down due to contamination from fire

07/17/2014 8:35pm
A tight-knit community is pulling together again after a wildfire charred close to 200 acres. It forced 10 families to leave their homes, damaged three houses, burned other buildings and contaminated the city's water system.

First court dates for Swallow, Shurtleff set

07/17/2014 8:39pm
The first court dates are now set for former Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff who were charged this week with racketeering after a sweeping public corruption investigation.

Blanding police chief resigns while under state investigation

07/17/2014 8:58pm
Blanding Police Chief Lyle Bayles has resigned, citing a desire to spend more time with family. The state agency that certifies Utah peace officers, however, confirmed Thursday that it is actively investigating the 28-year law enforcement veteran.

Popular summer scams to watch out for

07/17/2014 9:32pm
Summer is in full swing and a new wave of scams is heating up. The FBI weighs in on some of the most popular scams of the summer and gives tips on how they can be avoided.

Herbert calls for Common Core standards review

07/17/2014 9:46pm
Gov. Gary Herbert announced Thursday that he has directed the Utah Attorney General's Office to conduct a thorough review of the state's commitments and obligations under the Common Core State Standards.

Vernal crash involving truck, motorcycle injures 2

07/17/2014 9:54pm
Two women were seriously hurt Thursday when a pickup truck turned into the path of the motorcycle they were riding, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

Police investigate 'suspicious' death of woman found in hotel

07/17/2014 10:18pm
Salt Lake City police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found in a hotel Thursday morning.

Amber alert issued for baby police believe is being transported to SLC

07/17/2014 10:25pm
An amber alert was issued Thursday for a 5-month-old baby who police believe was abducted by a woman on her way to Utah.

ACLU files opposition in Evans case; state says it will comply with law

07/17/2014 10:27pm
The ACLU filed a response to the state of Utah's emergency application of a stay in the Evans case on Thursday.

Ukraine: Pro-Russia rebels downed Malaysian plane

07/17/2014 10:30pm
Ukraine accused pro-Russian separatists of shooting down a Malaysian jetliner with 298 people aboard, sharply escalating the crisis and threatening to draw both East and West deeper into the conflict. The rebels denied downing the aircraft.

Rescue team shows quicksand spot where hiker was trapped for 14 hours

07/17/2014 10:31pm
Last week, a 78-year old woman was hiking alone in Courthouse Wash at Arches National Park and got one leg caught up to her knee in quicksand. She was stuck for 14 hours until rescuers found her and pulled her out.

Fraternal Order of Police, attorney file complaints against SL County DA

07/17/2014 10:36pm
Utah's Fraternal Order of Police and an attorney for a former West Valley City Police officer have filed complaints against Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

Orem man's message to 'drive safely' earns him chance to win $20K

07/17/2014 10:37pm
Twenty-year-old Colby Cook, of Orem, put together a video that delivers a powerful message to change a trend that's seen Utah teens be involved in 20 percent of all crashes.

Salt Lake teacher charged with child sex abuse

07/17/2014 10:38pm
A Salt Lake elementary school teacher has been charged with sexually abusing four students.