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Davis County approves UTA bus rapid transit route

07/13/2014 8:13am
Davis County commissioners unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday in support of a bus rapid transit route that would traverse Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake, Woods Cross and Bountiful.

Bill seeks to allow states to manage wild horses

07/13/2014 8:57am
A Utah congressman has introduced legislation to allow Western states and American Indian tribes to take over management of wild horses and burros from the federal government.

National Education Association elects Utah educator as president

07/13/2014 9:42am
A former Utah educator has been elected president of the nation's largest teacher's union.

Photos of dog's last day show love, joy

07/13/2014 10:27am
When a pet dies, it can feel like a member of the family has passed. Duke Roberts, a black labrador in Houston, Texas, was no exception.

Divers, snorkelers converge for undersea 'concert'

07/13/2014 11:36am
Nearly 500 divers and snorkelers submerged in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary on Saturday for a "concert" beneath the sea broadcast by a local radio station.

New drug uses the stink in the stink bomb to treat the heart

07/13/2014 1:06pm
Two scientists hope a new drug will help target the delivery of hydrogen sulfide inside cells. Hydrogen sulfide can prevent and even reverse mitochondrial damage, and healthy mitochondria make cells stronger, helping them live longer.

Obama seeks governors' support on immigrant kids

07/13/2014 1:11pm
Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell met privately with dozens of governors Sunday as the Obama administration tried to get support from the leaders of states that will host thousands of the Central American children who have crossed the Mexican border on their own since Oct. 1.

Americans' trust in institutions, ranked

07/13/2014 1:21pm
How important is it to trust the government? Which public institutions have succeeded in securing that trust, and which have failed to capture the loyalty of the American people? Here are the results, ranked from the least trusted to the most.

Utah gas prices increase 14 cents from last month

07/13/2014 1:52pm
Utah fuel prices in May showed the greatest increase in the nation, jumping 28 cents per gallon. This month, the average price rose 14 cents, AAA reported. The current average price for regular gasoline in the Beehive State is $3.71.

Hitting the road... and your wallet

07/13/2014 4:25pm
Survey finds many families spend more than planned when they take vacation road trips. Chris Clackum reports.

Thousands of Palestinians flee northern Gaza

07/13/2014 5:11pm
Thousands of Palestinian residents of the northern Gaza Strip fled their homes on Sunday and sought safety in U.N. shelters, heeding warnings from the Israeli military about impending plans to bomb the area in the sixth day of an offensive against Hamas that has killed more than 160 people.

Retired teacher goes on trial in wife's cliff push

07/13/2014 5:23pm
Charles and Lisa Black moved to Maine after careers as teachers in Kansas, pursuing an idyllic retirement that prosecutors say was destroyed by arguments over money and infidelity before both plummeted off a cliff.

3 arrested in stabbing at Taylorsville skate park

07/13/2014 5:27pm
Police arrested three men who they say initiated a fight at Taylorsville North End skate park Saturday evening, during which one man was stabbed.

Utah Catholic schools continue to thrive

07/13/2014 5:56pm
While Catholic schools in the East and Midwest are consolidating and shutting down from dropping enrollments, those in Utah and other parts of the West and South are bucking that trend and remain stable.

United flight diverted to remote Midway Island due to odor

07/13/2014 6:34pm
A harrowing United Airlines flight Friday over the Pacific Ocean was forced to land on remote Midway Island because of what an FAA official said was an electrical odor on board.

Goetze scores late to give Germany the World Cup

07/13/2014 6:50pm
Mario Goetze produced the piece of individual skill that Lionel Messi couldn't muster.

Mother in coma carries baby to 35 weeks

07/13/2014 8:21pm
Alaska mother delivers baby after falling into coma; birth will result in mother's removal from life support. Samantha Angaiak reports.

Ex-wife: Man charged in bomb case has 'always been fascinated with them'

07/13/2014 9:22pm
A Tremonton man accused of building explosives he intended to use against police has always had an obsession with such devices, his ex- wife says.

Hundreds paddle out to recall drowned lifeguard

07/13/2014 9:56pm
Hundreds of surfers paddled out on boards to remember a Southern California lifeguard who drowned a week ago while saving a swimmer caught in treacherous surf.

The Manti parachute plant helped save lives during WWII

07/13/2014 10:31pm
Tucked behind the Manti Market grocery story, nestled in a small sea of weeds, there's an empty shell of brick and dust.

Man runs into bonfire, dies at festival

07/13/2014 10:34pm
One man died Saturday night after witnesses say he ran into a ceremonial bonfire at a regional burning festival Saturday night.

Man in custody after SWAT standoff

07/13/2014 11:59pm
Police took a man into custody after a SWAT standoff ended without incident.