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Do you feel unappreciated?

06/09/2014 6:15am
"How do I get my family to appreciate all I do for them? I feel largely taken for granted and am rarely thanked. Sometimes I go overboard to do something nice for them, and I hardly get a thank you." In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim gives tips for generating more gratitude for what you do and shows you how to create a healthier balance between giving and receiving.

5 stories you may have missed this weekend

06/09/2014 7:30am
Here's a roundup of some stories you might have missed while enjoying your weekend.

Seat belts likely saved lives in Tooele County crash, UHP says

06/09/2014 7:46am
Utah Highway Patrol troopers said seat belts likely saved the lives of five people when their car collided with a semi-truck late Sunday night.

Thousands get swindled in scholarship scams each year, experts say

06/09/2014 8:25am
Every year, thousands of students and their parents get swindled in scholarship scams. Telling the difference between the scams and legitimate opportunities can be confusing, especially for families sending a student to college for the first time.

5 acts of service that made someone's day

06/09/2014 9:06am
It is easy to get caught up in the negative things we see or experience every day, so we've asked readers to submit moments they have experienced that left a positive feeling with them so we can share them each Monday.

Rollover crash kills 2 people

06/09/2014 9:20am
Two men were killed when the vehicle they were traveling in rolled while heading east on I-80 early Monday morning.

Discrimination against non-whites still a factor, study shows

06/09/2014 10:00am
A recent study from BYU, Utah State and Rutgers University shows discrimination is still very real in the world of business. It shows that lenders don't treat all entrepreneurs the same, and skin color is still a big factor.

Parenthood changes the bodies and minds of men as well as women

06/09/2014 10:50am
Parenthood changes both men and women "from the inside out." A new report outlines what happens physically and mentally and why it matters.

Original 'Ghostbusters' headed back to theaters for 30th anniversary

06/09/2014 11:14am
Sony Pictures Entertainment announced it will re-release the 1984 comedy-classic "Ghostbusters" in over 700 theaters in commemoration of the film's 30th anniversary.

As Utah's biggest and oldest resident, 'he' may be dying

06/09/2014 11:16am
Utah's biggest and oldest resident is in declining health; Pando is in trouble. Who or what is Pando? "He" is a single plant that covers more than 100 acres and he may have lived for 80,000 years.

Why you should hike Mill Canyon Trail

06/09/2014 11:48am
Utah has a variety of beautiful mountain ranges and hills that make for a great pastime. If hiking is your thing, check each Monday morning for the "Hike of the Week" to get new ideas of where you can go exploring.

Punches shaped male face, U. study says

06/09/2014 11:59am
Men's faces may look different from women's because they evolved to withstand punches in fistfights, according to a new study from the University of Utah.

Utah may seek Supreme Court help in marriage suit

06/09/2014 12:01pm
Utah officials are prepared to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in a lawsuit filed by same-sex couples demanding to have their marriages recognized.

3 checks to keep barbecuers in the backyard and out of the ER

06/09/2014 12:03pm
Cooking over fire makes for great food, but it also carries some inherent risks, some obvious, others not. These three checks can keep dangerous and sometimes fatal accidents from happening.

Have You Seen This? Drummer doesn’t ‘miss a beat’

06/09/2014 1:15pm
The drummer from the band Weezer catches a Frisbee midperformance without "missing a beat." (Sorry about the pun.)

Idaho Falls man gets 5-10 years for toddler's death

06/09/2014 1:49pm
A 20-year-old Idaho Falls man has been sentenced to five to 10 years in prison in the death of his girlfriend's 16-month-old daughter.

New trial in teen's death over loud music argument

06/09/2014 5:26pm
A Florida man accused of killing a teenager during an argument over loud music will face a second murder trial after jurors at his original trial deadlocked on the charge, a judge decided Monday.

Heber officer, weightlifter gets help with heavy burden

06/09/2014 6:03pm
Heber City Police Sgt. Jim Moore has qualified many times to compete on the world stage, but the financial costs were too much for the father of four. Wasatch County's emergency services formed a committee to help make Moore's dream come true.

Decade prison sentence for Utah's 'Mountain Man'

06/09/2014 6:29pm
For years, he lived a solitary life amid the expansive wilderness of Utah as he ransacked cabins and trekked hundreds of miles alone on his snowshoes with a rifle slung over his shoulder. For most of the next decade, he'll live behind bars in a federal penitentiary.

Orem man accused of 350 incidents of sex abuse

06/09/2014 6:31pm
An Orem man was arrested Sunday after police say he sexually abused a teenage girl 350 times over the span of four years.

Provo advances to final 2 in 'best place to live' contest

06/09/2014 6:36pm
Provo residents have rallied together to help their city make it to the final two in a contest nominating "America's Best Place to Live."

Firefighters extinguish blaze along Lagoon fence

06/09/2014 6:40pm
A fire running along the fence of Lagoon was put out Sunday, according to the Farmington Fire Department.

Utahns most unsatisfied with air quality, poll says

06/09/2014 7:03pm
A recent Gallup poll shows that Utahns are the most unsatisfied with their air quality than any state in the nation.

Teens charged in fatal gun accident

06/09/2014 7:07pm
Two Brighton High students were charged in juvenile court Monday in the death of 17-year-old Harley Jarrett, who was shot and killed when a stolen gun was fired last week. Police have arrested a third teenager for burglary.

Hero of Seattle campus attack: Shooter looked sad

06/09/2014 7:31pm
College student Jon Meis, who has shied away from the spotlight since he ended a Seattle campus shooting by pepper- spraying the gunman last week, said Monday it's hard to accept his status as a hero.

Complaint: Trucker in Morgan crash hadn't slept

06/09/2014 7:43pm
A truck driver accused of triggering a highway crash that injured Tracy Morgan and killed another comedian hadn't slept for more than 24 hours before the accident, authorities said Monday as Morgan recovered in a hospital.

WWII plane 'Maid in the Shade' celebrates 70th birthday in Utah

06/09/2014 8:21pm
A fully restored B-25 celebrated its 70th birthday Monday after landing at Russ McDonald Field in Heber City for the start of a weeklong visit.

MTC's language program gets national attention

06/09/2014 8:44pm
The Missionary Training Center's language programs have attracted national attention.

Audit: More than 57,000 await first VA appointment

06/09/2014 9:01pm
More than 57,000 U.S. military veterans have been waiting 90 days or more for their first VA medical appointments, and an additional 64,000 appear to have fallen through the cracks, never getting appointments after enrolling and requesting them, the Veterans Affairs Department said Monday.

Treating 'alligator skin' elbows

06/09/2014 9:08pm
Have you heard of "alligator skin?" In addition the animal variety, it is also a term to describe skin that is dry, scaly and sometimes discolored. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to get rid of the unsightly ailment.

Man killed in Farmington car accident identified

06/09/2014 9:19pm
A Woods Cross man was killed when he crashed into an overpass driving on I-15 Monday.

Clinton: Benghazi probes 'more of a reason to run'

06/09/2014 9:21pm
Hillary Rodham Clinton said in an interview Monday that she feels emboldened to run for president because of Republican criticism of her handling of the deadly 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Appeal of same-sex marriages requires stay, AG's office argues

06/09/2014 9:32pm
Utah again argued in a court filing Monday that its appeal of a federal judge's order requiring recognition of same-sex marriages performed in the state would be moot without a stay.

Name mix-up leads to lawsuit after man is wrongly jailed

06/09/2014 9:54pm
An man who has autism wrongly spent four days in jail because police mistook him for a career criminal whose name is almost the same.

Draper toddler dies after statue falls on him

06/09/2014 10:03pm
A 2-year-old Draper boy was killed last week after a 6-foot-tall dolphin statue fell on him in the popular San Francisco tourist spot Fisherman's Wharf. Now neighbors of the family are rallying to provide comfort and show their love.

New Mexico man arrested for multiple camping thefts

06/09/2014 10:14pm
A New Mexico man has been booked into the Uintah County Jail after authorities say he was linked to multiple thefts from campsites in Ashley National Forest.

False positive on drug test has student questioning school's policy

06/09/2014 10:16pm
A Syracuse High School student said she felt accused and upset after her prescription medications triggered a false positive on a Davis School District random drug test.

Vigil held for mother, police still searching for estranged husband

06/09/2014 10:22pm
Police are still searching for Joseph Castillo, 45, in connection with the Sunday night stabbing death of his estranged wife, Kaye Lynn Spackman, 36, while the community held a vigil in her honor.

Moab man killed in garbage truck accident

06/09/2014 10:23pm
A Moab man was crushed by the gate on a garbage truck in a work-related accident Monday morning.

SLC police officer did not refuse parade assignment, lawyer says

06/09/2014 10:33pm
A Salt Lake police officer placed on leave last week said he was "uncomfortable" with the assignment to ride ahead of the Utah Pride Parade. A statement issued by his lawyer Monday said the officer asked to trade parade assignments but did not refuse to work at the parade.

Police: Vegas cop killers had anti-government view

06/09/2014 10:44pm
Police scouring the scenes where a couple shouting "revolution" gunned down two police officers and a civilian before killing themselves have found a possible "manifesto" among their belongings, a law enforcement official told CNN on Monday.