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Top 100 C.S. Lewis quotes

06/01/2014 7:49am
C. S. Lewis is one of the most quoted authors on Twitter. This top 100 list is a compilation of the most retweeted and repinned quotes shared by CSLewisDaily.

Cancer survivors: More than 14.5 million in US

06/01/2014 9:51am
It's National Cancer Survivors Day, and chances are good that you know at least one of them.

Liberty Pond project aims to improve wildlife habitat, water quality

06/01/2014 10:37am
Emergent wetland plants are being integrated at Liberty Pond to enhance the habitat of the estimated 80 species of feathered friends who frequent the area, as well as improve water quality and beautify the park for human visitors.

Biker's wallet lands on I-84, scatters $1,300

06/01/2014 12:10pm
A motorcyclist's wallet popped out of his pack while he was riding on a Utah freeway and was run over by a semi-truck, scattering $1,300 in cash and other contents.

Teen attempts record-setting solo flight around the world

06/01/2014 12:50pm
Matt Guthmiller, 19, is on a solo flight that he hopes will take him around the world. If he completes it, he will become the youngest person ever to do so.

Al-Qaida decentralized, but not necessarily weaker

06/01/2014 1:28pm
Al-Qaida has decentralized, yet it's unclear whether the terrorist network is weaker and less likely to launch a Sept. 11-style attack against the United States, as President Barack Obama says, or remains potent despite the deaths of several leaders.

West High School and Tesoro partner to further STEM education

06/01/2014 2:10pm
West High School and Tesoro officials announced Friday an $80,000 grant and partnership to introduce students to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Man stops 14-year-old driving stolen car

06/01/2014 3:32pm
Police who were chasing a 14-year-old Sunset boy driving a stolen car said the teen took a dangerous turn Saturday and drove into Founders Park where children were playing.

2 Tooele County crashes linked to alleged drunk driver

06/01/2014 4:40pm
Utah Highway Patrol troopers are investigating two crashes in Tooele County Saturday night that are linked to a suspected drunk driver.

Solid fuel burn ban on businesses to be considered on Monday

06/01/2014 7:18pm
The Utah Division of Air Quality is considering a proposal to extend regulations currently in place for residential stoves and fireplaces that burn solid fuels to businesses and industries.

Rare 'mono mono' twins could be home within weeks

06/01/2014 7:21pm
An Ohio couple is getting a taste of what it's like to be celebrity parents.

Police release name of Kearns shooting victim

06/01/2014 7:45pm
Police released the name of the victim who died in a shooting on Saturday.

Brazil opens Rio bus system planned for World Cup

06/01/2014 8:00pm
Brazil has delivered parts of one of the costliest infrastructure projects built ahead of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

Soccer-playing sheep in Colombia honor World Cup

06/01/2014 8:21pm
It was a not so baaad performance for Colombia's wooly warriors.

US-89, Harrison Blvd intersection reopened after fatal collision

06/01/2014 8:32pm
The intersection at US-89 and Harrison Boulevard was closed after a head-on collision killed one on Sunday.

Utahns not wearing sunglasses as often as they should, study says

06/01/2014 8:59pm
A recent study by The Vision Council revealed that Salt Lake City ranked 18th among U.S. cities with the highest ultraviolet index levels in 2013. Yet, 17 percent of adults in Utah's capital city report wearing sunglasses every time they go outside.

Utah group continues to aid Haiti 5 years after earthquake

06/01/2014 9:32pm
A Utah nonprofit group continues to help rebuild Haiti by providing meals and education to children in Haiti five years after the catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Hurricane Tomas later that year, and Hurricane Sandy in 2012

Fire crews contain St. George brush fire

06/01/2014 10:21pm
Fire crews contained a brush fire on the border between Washington City and St. George on Sunday afternoon.

Freed soldier's parents say they're proud of son

06/01/2014 10:26pm
The father of an American soldier just released from captivity in Afghanistan said Sunday that he is proud of how far his son, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, was willing to go to help the Afghan people.

US defends captive swap with Taliban, critics stir

06/01/2014 10:27pm
Five years a captive from the Afghanistan war, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back in American hands, freed for five Guantanamo terrorism detainees in a swap stirring sharp debate in Washington over whether the U.S. should have negotiated with the Taliban over prisoners.