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Paris, Rome and Provo: 28 Mormon temples in progress

05/25/2014 9:06am
Efforts are being focused on completing the 28 LDS temples that are in the planning and construction phases. Here is information about each of these temples, including construction photographs and milestones.

Utahns hope to help Nigerians through 'soccer diplomacy'

05/25/2014 10:44am
In light of the nearly 300 schoolgirls held hostage in Nigeria, some Utah girls are doing their part to help through "soccer diplomacy."

Obama to outline case for a limited foreign policy

05/25/2014 11:59am
Confronting critics of his foreign policy, President Barack Obama will soon outline a strategy for his final years in office that aims to avoid overreach as the second of the two wars he inherited comes to a close.

Is Adam Sandler’s new movie 'Blended' worth a watch?

05/25/2014 12:38pm
Is "Blended" an Adam Sandler movie worth watching after so many bad films over the recent years?

Forget Godzilla: Facebook rolls out its own dinosaur

05/25/2014 1:24pm
It's been a big week for dinosaurs. With "Godzilla" still rampaging at the box office, Facebook also rolled out some privacy changes along with a friendly blue dino to help explain them all.

1,000th day in prison nearing, Marine asks retrial

05/25/2014 1:59pm
A former U.S. Marine who has spent almost 1,000 days in an Iranian prison after being accused of working for the CIA will appeal for a new trial after already seeing his sentence reduced once, an Iranian news agency reported Sunday.

Nevada ranchers cite Gandhi in protest ride

05/25/2014 3:19pm
Unlike the militiamen who came with weapons to support southern Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in his stand against federal land managers, ranchers in northern Nevada are taking a page out of Gandhi's book in their protest of livestock grazing reductions on U.S. lands.

'Airports don't count': A traveler's checklist for visiting all 50 states

05/25/2014 3:54pm
For those on a quest to visit all 50 United States, each one is like a jagged piece of a very large jigsaw puzzle.

West Valley party turns into riot

05/25/2014 4:53pm
A loud party turned into a riot early Sunday morning when police were attacked as they entered a home in response to reports of a noise disturbance.

Utah, Georgia men plead guilty in real estate investment scam

05/25/2014 4:58pm
A Utah man and a Georgia man pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering in connection with a real estate investment scheme that setback investors millions of dollars.

US honors veterans over Memorial Day weekend

05/25/2014 5:21pm
The U.S. Marine Corps' chaplain, speaking Sunday to a congregation that has tied gold ribbons on the church's fence in honor of fallen soldiers since the Iraq War began, lauded the sacrifice of veterans around the world as President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan for Memorial Day.

Belgium hunts for suspect in Jewish attack; 3 dead

05/25/2014 5:28pm
Belgium launched a nationwide hunt Sunday for a lone gunman who walked into the Jewish Museum, unpacked a Kalashnikov rifle, killed at least three people with a short burst of fire, packed up and briskly walked away.

Boy in hospital after accident near Tony Grove Lake

05/25/2014 6:02pm
A 10-year-old was transported to Primary Children's Hospital after going over a 60-foot drop-off while snowmobiling on Sunday.

Facebook executive's comments on media start a wildfire

05/25/2014 6:46pm
Mike Hudack, Facebook's director of ad product management wrote Thursday that he is disappointed by the types of articles he sees being shared on his site — "listicles" and click-bait headlines about squirrels.

Last 2 victims in California rampage identified

05/25/2014 7:11pm
A gunman went on a rampage Friday night near the University of California, Santa Barbara that left seven people dead, including him. Here are the stories of the six victims, who were all students at the university.

Woman, 99, gets degree 75 years late over $5 fee

05/25/2014 7:19pm
A 99-year-old Maine woman has graduated from college 75 years after a $5 fee kept her from getting her diploma on time.

Obama signals US to keep limited Afghanistan role

05/25/2014 7:46pm
President Barack Obama slipped into Afghanistan for a surprise visit Sunday and made clear that the U.S. will likely maintain a limited role here even after its combat mission ends this year and America's longest war comes to a close.

Lawmakers, educators discuss Utah's educational future

05/25/2014 8:18pm
Representatives from higher and public education met with state lawmakers Wednesday to discuss long-term planning for Utah schools.

Why the last weeks of school have many parents crying 'Mayday'

05/25/2014 8:47pm
May is a month known for flowers and busyness. With May comes end-of-year activities, and the endless need to keep up with it all. We often find ourselves crying, "Mayday," or rather, cursing the May day. Here's a story about my most recent "Mayday."

How 'Game of Thrones' is like America

05/25/2014 9:22pm
Look past the dragons and knights, and Game of Thrones offers eerie political and racial parallels between the world of Westeros and the United States, fans and scholars say.

Alaska wildfire grows, spurs evacuations

05/25/2014 9:50pm
A wildfire in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage has grown to cover more than 193 square miles, but it was only 20 percent contained as of Sunday, fire officials said.

Police arrest a man accused of slashing RV tires

05/25/2014 10:05pm
A man that police believe slashed nearly three dozen tires in an RV lot was stunned with a Taser and arrested early Sunday.

ATV rider recovering from accident

05/25/2014 11:03pm
A 17-year-old girl is in the hospital after crashing her ATV in Weber Canyon Sunday afternoon.