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Questions to ask when selling or buying a house

05/05/2014 7:46am
Realtors say many customers aren't asking the right questions before they sell or buy a new house.

'You can't handle the truth': 96 percent of Americans admit to lying

05/05/2014 9:26am
Perjury is a pervasive act that is not often prosecuted, but experts say that if it is left unchecked, the act of flaunting the law and lying under oath could unravel America's basic financial, judicial and democratic processes.

Michelle Knight: I forgive Cleveland kidnapper

05/05/2014 9:42am
One of the three women held captive in a Cleveland house before escaping last year said she forgives the man who kidnapped and tortured her for nearly a decade.

Judge under fire for rape sentence, implying victim was promiscuous

05/05/2014 9:56am
She could have sentenced him to 20 years in prison for raping a 14-year-old girl. Instead, a Texas judge gave the defendant a 45-day sentence and probation after implying that the victim was promiscuous.

Shelly Sterling approves NBA plan for new Clippers CEO

05/05/2014 10:21am
The estranged wife of banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling says she supports the decision by the National Basketball Association and the team to work together to find the franchise a new chief executive officer.

TV's '24'-hour hero returns

05/05/2014 10:47am
On Monday night, counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer will return in Fox's "24" event series, "24: Live Another Day." He's once again played by Kiefer Sutherland and is as determined as ever to do the right thing.

Drug cartels are ruining Cinco de Mayo

05/05/2014 11:07am
Mexico is the main supplier of limes to the U.S. and Mexican drug cartels are taking advantage of the 2014 lime shortage to drive prices higher and extort farmers.

Car collides with motorcycle; 2 in serious condition

05/05/2014 11:20am
Two people were in serious condition after a car pulled out in front of the motorcycle they were riding on Sunday, police said.

New app to quickly, easily connect missionaries and families

05/05/2014 11:24am
MissionaryGram allows users to send photos directly to a missionary in a one-step process that will make it easy to show support for sisters and elders.

5 moments that made someone's day

05/05/2014 11:53am
Needing a small pick-me-up today? Here are some reader-submitted stories that will remind you there are good people in the world.

Hike of the Week: Thousand Oaks

05/05/2014 12:12pm
The recently completed Thousand Oaks section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Salt Lake City is a welcome addition that starts at the Mount Olympus trailhead, then traverses the foothills above the Salt Lake Valley to the Z Trail in Olympus Cove.

Have you seen this? Mommy's having a baby

05/05/2014 1:31pm
A little girl in Colorado had the sweetest reaction when she found out her mom is going to have a baby.

Young blood could reverse effects of aging, studies find

05/05/2014 1:45pm
An infusion of blood from a younger mouse can reverse the effects of aging in older mice, researchers found. They believe the findings could apply to humans.

7 ideas to start off your summer the right way

05/05/2014 2:00pm
There are loads of fun things to do in the summer in Utah. The question is which to do first?

5 biggest box office flops of 2014, so far

05/05/2014 2:04pm
While some movies have been making money hand over fist in 2014, there have also been a few bombs. Since we have a twisted sense of humor, we thought we'd take a look at the five biggest flops of 2014, so far.

LDS apostle joins Twitter, instantly garners 4K followers

05/05/2014 2:13pm
LDS apostle M. Russell Ballard joined Twitter and tweeted about the CES devotional. He expressed his joy and thanked participants for contributing to the devotional.

Target's CEO is out in wake of big security breach

05/05/2014 2:31pm
Target's CEO has become the first boss of a major corporation to lose his job over a breach of customer data, showing how responsibility for computer security now reaches right to the top.

Drones harassing wildlife at Zion National Park, officials say

05/05/2014 2:32pm
Someone used drones to harass a herd of bighorn sheep at Zion National Park. Elsewhere, use of the unmanned aerial vehicles is banned at Yosemite National Park. It is a $5,000 fine and possible jail for people caught "droning" at Zion.

Life Flight crew practices daring rescues ahead of summer recreation season

05/05/2014 3:34pm
Life Flight conducted training on its hoist rescues Monday to prepare for what is typically a busy spring, summer and fall.

U. breaks ground on new $36M basketball center

05/05/2014 4:19pm
The University of Utah broke ground Monday afternoon for a new state-of-the-art basketball center, with the upgrades rivaling the Spence and Cleon Football Facility that opened the summer of 2013.

Couple arrested for lewdness at wedding

05/05/2014 5:10pm
A woman, 60, and a man, 56, were arrested over the weekend after police say they engaged in sex acts on the lawn of a church where a wedding was taking place.

Police seize furniture, seek diary in dead babies case

05/05/2014 5:52pm
Additional search warrants unsealed in the investigation of Megan Huntsman Monday indicate that detectives are searching for an electronic device believed to contain the woman's diary. Huntsman is charged with murdering six infants.

BYU students create portable ventilators for babies

05/05/2014 6:23pm
A team of students at Brigham Young University decided to give babies without neonatal facilities a proper chance at survival by creating a portable ventilator.

Baby safety gates aren't always safe, study finds

05/05/2014 6:24pm
Baby gates meant to protect young children aren't always as safe as parents think. A new study says nearly 2,000 U.S. kids get emergency room treatment each year from injuries resulting from falling through or climbing on these gates.

High court ruling favors prayer at council meeting

05/05/2014 6:33pm
A narrowly divided Supreme Court upheld decidedly Christian prayers at the start of local council meetings on Monday, declaring them in line with long national traditions though the country has grown more religiously diverse.

Police ID victim of fatal shooting

05/05/2014 6:33pm
Police have released the name of a man fatally shot in Magna Sunday night as officers continue to search for the men responsible.

Bail set at $1M for man charged in teen's stabbing death

05/05/2014 6:34pm
Two men charged in connection with the fatal stabbing of a Stansbury High senior made their first court appearance Monday morning. A judge set bail for the accused killer at $1 million.

2nd report affirms MacNeill's competency

05/05/2014 6:48pm
Martin MacNeill was found mentally competent at a court hearing Monday. The determination allows both a pending murder sentencing and sex abuse trial to move forward.

Investigators study possible changes to bus stop where girl died

05/05/2014 7:09pm
Investigators from the Jordan School District, South Jordan police and the State Division of Risk Management are scrutinizing the bus stop where a 10-year-old was killed last week. Parents say they just want the stop moved.

Utah's economy gets $800M boost from golf, report says

05/05/2014 7:35pm
Golf in Utah generated $805.6 million in overall economic impact in 2012, supporting more than 9,600 jobs, according to a new report. The report also said Utah golf's footprint is comparable the ski industry.

Jake Petersen is 'running' for Salt Lake County sheriff

05/05/2014 7:50pm
Jake Petersen is running for Salt Lake County Sheriff. However, there is more to the "running" thing than meets the eye. Completing marathons and ultra-marathons, Petersen says he has learned many lessons on the "run" that will help him as she

Clip suspected in circus accident; 8 hospitalized

05/05/2014 7:53pm
Investigators suspect that a snapped clip sent eight aerial acrobats plummeting 20 feet or more during a daring act in which performers dangle from their hair. One injured performer told her father she didn't notice anything amiss before her "plunge into darkness."

97-year-old theatre to make digital conversion despite high cost

05/05/2014 8:23pm
The Capitol Theatre, in Brigham City is nearly 100 years old. The owner is making the digital conversion this week more out of a love for movies than business sense.

Small plane crashes into house north of Denver

05/05/2014 8:35pm
A pilot whose small plane crashed into an unoccupied house near Denver on Monday got out of his shattered aircraft and tried to put out the fire with a garden hose before he was forced away by burning fuel, authorities said.

Nigeria group threatens to sell kidnapped girls

05/05/2014 9:01pm
Nigeria's Islamic extremist leader is threatening to sell the nearly 300 teenage schoolgirls abducted from a school in the remote northeast three weeks ago, in a new videotape received Monday.

Dangers of window-blind cords in spotlight after child's death

05/05/2014 9:03pm
An Orem family is mourning the death of their young daughter after she was strangled by cords on window blinds last week.

Young boys escape injury in Salt Lake shooting

05/05/2014 9:36pm
Two boys, one just 3-years old, narrowly escaped injury Sunday when someone fired five shots into their bedroom, police said.

Empowering children may prevent attacks from strangers, expert says

05/05/2014 10:05pm
Salt Lake police are looking for a man who grabbed at 5-year-old girl in her front yard and asked to touch her inappropriately. The incident happened over the weekend.

White House hiding information about Benghazi attack, Chaffetz says

05/05/2014 10:09pm
Rep. Jason Chaffetz accused the White House and the State Department on Monday of hiding documents to hinder a congressional investigation into an attack that killed four Americans in Libya nearly two years ago.

Pirated software can create problems for consumers

05/05/2014 10:30pm
Microsoft expert warns that computers with illegal software could be harboring malware that could open users up to identity theft.

Firefighters help Ogden man, neighborhood with good deeds

05/05/2014 10:36pm
An Ogden man, clearing out an old fence Saturday, got unexpected help from a couple of new friends when they stopped to help him with a tough part of the project.

Searchers trying to locate family in Cache County

05/05/2014 11:02pm
Search and rescue teams were looking for a family of six between Logan and Blacksmith Fork canyons Monday night.