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BYU dance teacher killed in car accident 'loved by everyone'

04/29/2014 6:58am
There was a major outpouring of love and support for the family of a Utah dance teacher who was killed in a car accident Monday morning.

Attorney sentenced for sex with teenage girl

04/29/2014 7:43am
Defense attorney Steven Kuhnhausen, 66, was sentenced to jail, home confinement, probation and community service Monday for unlawful conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old.

Courtroom defeat won't stop Utah in roads fight

04/29/2014 8:04am
Despite losing at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the fight to preserve access to Salt Creek Canyon Road at Canyonlands National Park, the Utah Attorney General's Office said it will not back off its roads fight in thousands of other claims.

'Prank It Forward' changes the life of recipient

04/29/2014 8:09am
Chelsea Roff was the recipient of a generous prank — money, a car and a glamorous vacation — that helped change her life and boost her nonprofit, which helps those with eating disorders.

Why laughing is healthy

04/29/2014 8:34am
Can watching a funny cat video at work actually improve your productivity? Maybe! A study finds when people laugh, their brains are activated in the same way as mindfully meditating.

Fatal house fire started by iron

04/29/2014 8:45am
Cedar City fire investigators say an iron left on an ironing board started the blaze at a home where a 92-year-old woman died over the weekend.

How to keep kids reading through the summer

04/29/2014 10:20am
As the end of the school year approaches, parents are stockpiling ideas to keep their children on top of those long summer reading lists. But how?

New details for Provo MTC expansion released

04/29/2014 10:34am
New details for the expansion of the LDS Missionary Training Center in Provo were released Tuesday.

Religious progressives celebrate rise, with eye on lurking perils

04/29/2014 10:44am
Religious progressives hailed a report noting their recent successes last week, but a principal advocate says unresolved tensions lurk behind their rise.

Cedar City man jailed on child sex assault charges

04/29/2014 10:49am
A 31-year-old Cedar City man has been arrested on charges accusing him of repeatedly sexually assaulting a young girl over a period of four years.

Provo girl sings 'Let It Go' at Radio Disney Music Awards

04/29/2014 11:01am
11-year-old Aaliyah Rose was chosen by Radio Disney to close out its big awards show Sunday.

5 reasons to consider Central America for your next vacation

04/29/2014 11:29am
Most Americans believe that a trip out of the country is out of their reach. But an exciting foreign adventure is closer and more affordable than you think. Here are 5 reasons to choose Central America as your next vacation destination.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' cast revealed

04/29/2014 12:13pm
After months and months of rumors Disney has finally announced the cast for "Star Wars: Episode VII."

Mexico bus rider disarms, kills alleged thieves

04/29/2014 12:44pm
Mexico City officials said Tuesday an unidentified man disarmed a thief trying to rob passengers aboard a bus, then shot him and another thief to death before fleeing.

BYU animation program brings home 2 student Emmys

04/29/2014 1:01pm
In a span of 11 years, the Brigham Young University animation program has been awarded 16 student Emmys.

Have You Seen This? Porta-potty shuffle

04/29/2014 1:15pm
At least one person got a good laugh out of Utah's recent windstorms, and he shared it on YouTube for us all to enjoy.

First-time Dem delegate offers tips and advice

04/29/2014 1:34pm
Here's some tips and advice for first-time conventiongoers, or anyone wanting to be more involved in the election process.

Local band lives at 80 mph

04/29/2014 2:01pm
Sound Spotlight: Desert Noises is a band inspired by the musicians they've come in contact with as they travel the country to share their sound.

Tips for managing sleep apnea and how treatment can help

04/29/2014 2:06pm
Are you still suffering sleepless nights due to a sleep disorders? Do you know if you have a sleep disorder? Put a rest to your questions.

User photos: This week in news

04/29/2014 2:34pm
This week's user photos include: standoff on I- 15 near Beaver, wind storm sends trampolines flying and overturns semis, car accidents and a fire at an elementary school in Spanish Fork.

Missing Millcreek man found safe

04/29/2014 3:30pm
Police confirmed that Bobbie Bond, 76, last seen at Mt. Olympus Rehabilitation Center at 6:30 p.m., Monday, was found safe Tuesday afternoon.

2 Orem men convicted in fatal shooting sentenced to prison

04/29/2014 4:16pm
Mason French and Travis Waldron, Orem men accused of shooting and killing a third man, Rupert Miley, were both sentenced to prison Monday.

New law allows Utah liquor licenses to be bought and sold

04/29/2014 5:02pm
Utah liquor licenses could soon become valuable commodities under a new state law allowing them to be bought and sold on the open market.

Man turns Facebook friends into 'real' friends with road trip

04/29/2014 6:04pm
Mikel McLaughlin is on day 28 of his of his project, which he has taken him to six states so far.

Employee opens fire at FedEx sorting center

04/29/2014 6:11pm
An armed package handler with bullets strapped across his chest "like Rambo" opened fire Tuesday morning at a FedEx station outside Atlanta, wounding six people before police found the suspect dead.

Heber City student pens inspiring essay about recovery from dog attack

04/29/2014 6:54pm
A Heber City 8th-grader, attacked by a dog, sets out to overcome his fear of dogs by working at the local shelter. He then writes about it and earns national accolades for his essay from the daughter of Jackie Robinson.

Canyons School Board selects new superintendent

04/29/2014 7:13pm
The Canyons Board of Education on Tuesday selected DeKalb, Illinois, educator James Briscoe as the district's second superintendent.

14 simple ways to fight spring allergies

04/29/2014 7:28pm
Every year, just when leaves start budding and the air temperature turns friendly, spring allergies threaten to make lives miserable. While it is impossible to rid plants of their pollen, there are many different ways to make spring allergy time easier.

Man accused of sex and drug trafficking found dead in jail cell

04/29/2014 7:36pm
The alleged mastermind of a sex and drug trafficking ring in Utah was found dead of an apparent suicide in his Salt Lake County Jail cell Monday.

Crow hunting, fall turkey hunt may be coming to Utah

04/29/2014 7:43pm
The Division of Wildlife Resources has proposed legalizing crow hunting in the state of Utah and adding fall turkey hunts and they want the public's input.

Ogden man dead following SWAT standoff

04/29/2014 7:44pm
Three people were arrested Tuesday afternoon for car theft. Police found a fourth man barricaded in an apartment with a handgun.

Provo City to purchase Rock Canyon

04/29/2014 7:57pm
Provo city officials are making sure one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in Provo, Rock Canyon, will remain the way it is.

3 simple steps to avoid having a foul-mouthed child

04/29/2014 8:27pm
With society becoming increasingly used to hearing foul language, I'll be (darned) if I let my child be a foul-mouthed child. My parents taught me well, and I am doing my best to follow their lead. Here are three steps to avoid a foul-mouthed child.

2 Wasatch High students charged in alleged hazing-like incident

04/29/2014 8:57pm
Two Wasatch High School basketball players have been charged with disorderly conduct in connection with an incident that allegedly took place during a team bus trip. At least one of their teammates described the incident as "hazing."

Oldest girls most likely to succeed, study says

04/29/2014 9:31pm
A new study out of the U.K. indicates those who are born first are most likely to achieve academic success, especially if they are female.

New pin given to teens who care for Utah Fallen Officers memorial

04/29/2014 10:09pm
A first-of-its-kind pin was awarded to members of the Salt Lake City Police Explorers unit during a ceremony Tuesday evening.

Alleged drug ring in Lehi run like major corporation, police say

04/29/2014 10:35pm
With multiple defendants facing criminal charges in connection with a sweeping drug case in Utah County, police went in-depth with KSL investigative reporter Debbie Dujanovic to explain why they believe the operation was successful.

Sterling banned for life by the NBA

04/29/2014 10:56pm
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA in response to racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation.

Deaths reported from US storms reaches 35

04/29/2014 11:01pm
A dangerous storm system that spawned a chain of deadly tornadoes over three days flattened homes and businesses, forced frightened residents in more than half a dozen states to take cover and left tens of thousands in the dark Tuesday morning.

Oklahoma inmate dies after execution is botched

04/29/2014 11:12pm
A botched execution that used a new drug combination left an Oklahoma inmate writhing and clenching his teeth on the gurney Tuesday, leading prison officials to halt the proceedings before the inmate's eventual death from a heart attack.

Woman discovers she was adopted by relatives after meeting birth mother

04/29/2014 11:21pm
A Salt Lake City woman discovered she was adopted by her birth mother's relatives.