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Man sentenced to 1 year in jail for DUI death

04/15/2014 6:46am
A Magna man has been sentenced to serve one year in jail for a DUI crash that killed a Price woman in July 2013.

Officer had little choice in shooting of suicidal man, police say

04/15/2014 7:28am
Police said an officer had little choice but to shoot a suicidal man Sunday after the man pointed a gun at officers. Experts say there are resources for those who are suicidal.

Police thank public for identifying theft suspects

04/15/2014 7:43am
West Jordan police are thanking the public for helping them identify two people suspected of stealing from a Lenscrafter store.

Blood moon: Sky gazers mesmerized as red hue lights up night sky

04/15/2014 8:20am
Sky gazers caught a glimpse of the "blood moon" crossing the Earth's shadow Tuesday in all its splendor. The moon took on a reddish hue as it appeared in different phases between 2 and 4:30 a.m. ET.

Former officer pleads guilty to faking DUI reports

04/15/2014 8:39am
A former Unified police officer charged with faking DUI reports and illegally collecting thousands of dollars in overtime entered guilty pleas Monday.

Tax Day freebies and deals

04/15/2014 9:00am
To help de-stress after doing your taxes, here are several local deals on food and treats!

Millville man charged with homicide in fatal crash

04/15/2014 9:36am
A homicide charge has been filed against the 40-year-old Millville man accused in a fatal crash that claimed the life of the co-owner of a popular coffee roasting house in Logan.

State of affairs: Why Americans hate adultery

04/15/2014 9:37am
Americans place cheating on a spouse dead last on a list of acceptable behaviors, behind abortion, cohabitation, pornography, out-of-wedlock births and divorce, among others. But that disapproval has not ended infidelity.

6 facts about the Titanic on its 102nd anniversary

04/15/2014 9:49am
The famous ship sank over 100 years ago, but there is still endless mystery surrounding the Titanic today. Here are six facts you may not know about the ship.

Huge Big Boy steam locomotive coming back to life

04/15/2014 10:01am
In its prime, a massive steam locomotive known as Big Boy No. 4014 was a moving eruption of smoke and vapor, a 6,300-horsepower brute dragging heavy freight trains over the mountains of Wyoming and Utah.

Want to finish your basement? 5 tips to get you started

04/15/2014 10:03am
Finishing your basement can be a daunting task. Here are five tips from budgeting to design to help you decide if finishing your basement is right for you.

Man threatened to kill interracial family, charges state

04/15/2014 10:14am
A 70-year-old man faces federal hate crime charges for allegedly writing a note threatening to kill an interracial Hurricane family if they didn't leave town.

Infant's life saved after new heart procedure

04/15/2014 10:25am
A new procedure is available to help infants of a heart defect that affects hundreds of children yearly. But because the Food and Drug Administration doesn't recognize the procedure, few families know about its usefulness and health benefits.

Beautiful 'Star Wars' funeral for a 4-year-old Jedi

04/15/2014 10:31am
The family of 4-year-old Jack Robinson of Hampshire, England, said their goodbyes at a "Star Wars" themed funeral.

Reasons to watch each 2014 BYU football game

04/15/2014 10:43am
With spring ball in the books, BYU football fans can only speculate about what the 2014 campaign will entail for the Cougars. This article will discuss something to look forward to for all of the matchups this upcoming season.

Tips to avoid looking like a tourist

04/15/2014 11:01am
Avoid being pickpocketed and make the most of your travel experience by blending in.

A plane that flies forever? Solar-powered flight to take off in 2015

04/15/2014 11:22am
The Swiss duo unveiled last week Solar Impulse 2, a revolutionary aircraft designed to achieve the longest ever flight in the history of aviation in terms of duration for a single pilot. It will attempt to fly non- stop for 120 hours (yes, that's five successive days and nights) over oceans and continents without a drop of fuel.

Glow-in-the-dark road guides drivers

04/15/2014 11:45am
Futuristic glow-in-the-dark roads were implemented on a stretch of highway in the Netherlands Sunday, and the agency who created the technology hopes it will soon guide drivers worldwide.

Court date set for Utah teen in North Vegas crash

04/15/2014 12:16pm
Sentencing is scheduled next week for an 18- year-old Utah woman on a felony leaving the scene of an accident charge in a crash that hurt eight pedestrians outside a storefront church in North Las Vegas last summer.

Disney offering $1M to anyone with a 'Million Dollar Arm'

04/15/2014 12:47pm
Disney is offering $1 million to anyone with a "Million Dollar Arm." If you can throw a 100 mph fastball you might be able to win a cool million.

Have You Seen This? World's toughest job

04/15/2014 1:14pm
If you think you are overworked and underpaid, this video may make you re-evaluate.

Should Obama use the power of his pen to turn the tide on immigration reform?

04/15/2014 1:47pm
Immigration champion Rep. Luis Gutierrez feels confident that President Barack Obama will use his executive powers to push through reform. House Speaker John Boehner feels confident that doing so will tank what little support the President has among Republicans on immigration reform.

5 modern suggestions for wedding gifts

04/15/2014 2:00pm
Wedding gifts can be tough to decide on. You want something affordable, yet relevant to the couple's needs. Check out these 5 truths about wedding gifts.

Obama to Uchtdorf, faith leaders: My hands are tied on immigration reform

04/15/2014 2:31pm
President Barack Obama met with President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and other religious leaders Tuesday morning to discuss the importance of taking action on immigration reform and told them a permanent solution lies in the hands of Congress.

Sound spotlight: Local artists inspired by spirituality, nature and love

04/15/2014 2:47pm
The National Parks band is rising in popularity. Inspired by a love of nature and spirituality that drives their music, the band members are enjoying the ride, working on a second album and gearing up to tour both in and out of Utah.

Couple accused of scamming Apple store out of iPhones

04/15/2014 3:04pm
Two people were arrested over the weekend for allegedly using fake IDs to get discounts on Apple products.

Judge declines to set trial date for Jeremy Johnson fraud case

04/15/2014 4:02pm
Federal prosecutors are pushing for a trial date in their case against St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson, but the judge isn't ready to set one.

2 robbers arrested during routine traffic stop, police say

04/15/2014 5:30pm
Two men who allegedly assaulted a man and stole his wallet were arrested during a routine traffic stop Saturday, police said.

Ceremony honoring police officers to feature 'Heroes Behind the Badge' film

04/15/2014 6:38pm
A room at Granger High School was prepared Tuesday night for a ceremony to honor the good things officers do, including a special screening of a new documentary about police.

Delta tops list of most profitable airlines in 2013

04/15/2014 6:44pm
A report by Airline Weekly shows that Delta Air Lines was the most profitable carrier in the world in 2013. Delta, the world's second- largest airline in terms of passengers carried, generated net profits last year of nearly $2.7 billion.

Police seek help identifying bank robber

04/15/2014 7:10pm
Police are looking for a man they said robbed a bank in Salt Lake City.

How to fake a clean home in 6 simple steps

04/15/2014 7:28pm
Often, thorough spring cleaning isn't an option and our homes don't look their best when visitors call. But there are six fast and simple steps to successfully fake a clean house.

Woman frustrated by postponed sentencing for impaired driver

04/15/2014 7:51pm
A Utah County woman involved in a head-on collision a year ago will have to wait a little longer to find out what will happen to the impaired driver who pleaded guilty in connection with the crash.

Utah Symphony announces outdoor concert series in national parks

04/15/2014 8:22pm
The Utah Symphony has announced a series of concerts in iconic settings within Utah's Mighty 5 National Parks.

The best things about raising boys

04/15/2014 8:31pm
Before becoming a parent I never really thought about what it would be like to have boys. It's a loud and dirty wild adventure, with days colored by mud and potty humor, and I have no regrets.

Ute Tribe, U. reach agreement on continued use of Utes

04/15/2014 8:47pm
After five years without a formal agreement in place, the Ute Indian Tribe and the University of Utah inked a new deal Tuesday that will allow the school's sports team to continue using the name Utes.

Religion takes to the Internet

04/15/2014 9:46pm
Creating digital apps, amping up profiles and making sure members and missionaries are prepared to share their message, religion is going where their congregations gather — online.

Dinosaur discoveries in Utah's 'amazing place' get national attention

04/15/2014 10:05pm
In the past 15 years, scientists have dug up at least nine — and possibly as many as 20 — new species of dinosaurs in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Now, National Geographic magazine is publicizing the remarkable discoveries.

Council discusses backlog of over 600 rape kits

04/15/2014 10:17pm
The Salt Lake City Police Department met with City Council members Tuesday to discuss a backlog of more than 600 unprocessed "rape kits" that have accumulated since 2004.

Pedestrian hit and killed by FrontRunner train

04/15/2014 10:19pm
A pedestrian was killed Tuesday night after being hit by a FrontRunner train.

Medical examinations of 7 infants may be lengthy, expert says

04/15/2014 10:27pm
As police waited Tuesday for results from the medical examiner, questions about how a Pleasant Grove woman accused of killing six newborn infants was allegedly able to conceal seven pregnancies continued to swirl.

Boston police safely blow up suspicious backpacks

04/15/2014 10:34pm
Survivors, first responders and relatives of those killed in the Boston Marathon bombing marked the anniversary Tuesday with tributes that combined sorrow over the loss of innocent victims with pride over the city's resilience in the face of a terror attack.

Proposed Wellsville truck stop raises safety concerns

04/15/2014 10:53pm
A simmering two-year battle over a proposed truck stop in Cache County intensifies tomorrow as neighbors take their concerns to the Wellsville City Council.