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'Everyone has a story to tell,' says Sterling Scholar winner

03/13/2014 6:53am
Springville High School film student Jacob Buhler was named the 2014 General Sterling Scholar and given the state skilled and technical science award.

Searchers scour rubble after gas explosion kills 7

03/13/2014 7:23am
Rescuers working amid gusty winds, cold temperatures and billowing smoke pulled four additional bodies overnight from the rubble of two Manhattan apartment buildings, as the death toll rose Thursday to at least seven.

SC deputy cried after shooting 70-year-old man

03/13/2014 7:38am
A South Carolina deputy who during a traffic stop shot a 70-year-old man reaching for his cane broke down in tears as other officers arrived.

After 2 heartbreaks, Utah family adopts baby from China

03/13/2014 8:03am
A family from Salt Lake City has spent nearly two years working on an adoption that finally became a reality Tuesday afternoon.

Honor student who sued parents returns home

03/13/2014 8:46am
The New Jersey honor student who sued to get her parents to support her after she moved out of their home has reunited with her parents.

Potential donors line up for cheek swabs that may save lives

03/13/2014 9:06am
Volunteers collected cheek swab samples Tuesday in hopes of generating matches for those needing bone marrow transplants at a registry sponsored by Granger Medical Clinic, Be the Match and the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

Women with doctorates model for online clothing catalog

03/13/2014 9:57am
An online clothing store released its spring line, and used an atypical group of models.

Why the rise of smart machines could terminate jobs

03/13/2014 9:58am
Technology and economics are on the brink of eliminating many middle class jobs at a pace that may make it difficult for different job opportunities to arise. Even restaurants are seeing technology begin to do work previously done by servers.

Deputy accused of DUI crash resigns

03/13/2014 10:06am
A Washington County deputy has resigned after authorities say he rolled his police vehicle while under the influence.

St. Patrick's parade organizers plead for funds to pay new fee

03/13/2014 10:23am
The organizers of this Saturday's St. Patrick's Day parade in Salt Lake City are begging for donations. They say they have to raise cash fast to pay for a new fee.

2 killed when intoxicated driver plows car into crowd at SXSW, police say

03/13/2014 10:50am
An intoxicated driver fleeing police plowed his car into a crowd at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, killing two people, authorities said early Thursday.

7 essential items to have in your vehicle during a backcountry journey

03/13/2014 11:13am
Keep these seven items in your vehicle and they can save your bacon if things go wrong on your next trip into the backcountry.

Man arrested after breaking car, home windows, police say

03/13/2014 11:49am
A man resisted being arrested with a pocket knife in each hand after breaking car and home windows, police said.

Sandy police looking for Zions Bank robber

03/13/2014 11:53am
Police are looking for a man who robbed a bank on Thursday morning.

Mom of daughter with spina bifida: 'Life is different but good'

03/13/2014 12:06pm
A lot of spunk and spirit. That is what you feel instantly when you step into a room with 9-year-old Madison Newbold, whose quality of life has drastically improved thanks to doctors at and donations to Primary Children's Hospital.

BYU chemist makes breakthrough discovery on natural gas

03/13/2014 12:50pm
Research published Thursday in Science magazine involving the work of a Brigham Young University professor details a breakthrough involving the conversion of natural gas to liquid alcohol fuel.

4 ways to welcome the arrival of spring

03/13/2014 1:08pm
The first official day of spring is less than a week away.

Have You Seen This? Fallon and Hamm photobomb tourists

03/13/2014 1:31pm
Jimmy Fallon recruited John Hamm to photobomb unsuspecting tourists on top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

5 movies that deserve a speeding ticket

03/13/2014 2:03pm
Five movies that deserve a speeding ticket simply because the cars in them go too fast.

Battles brews over transmission line; Prison relocation commission approved

03/13/2014 2:44pm
Here's a look at everything that's happening on the Hill: Lawmakers passed a bill to help create a convention hotel in downtown Salt Lake City and a bill that would require DNA sampling when people are booked with felony charges. Lawmakers also are in the middle of debating about the future of a huge electrical transmission line that's destined to cross Utah

Wildcats rout Utes 71-39 in Pac-12 quarterfinals

03/13/2014 3:09pm
Nick Johnson scored 14 points, T.J. McConnell added 13 and No. 4 Arizona overwhelmed Utah defensively in a 71-39 rout on Thursday to match the most lopsided game in Pac-12 tournament history.

Video of robot table tennis match goes viral, draws criticism

03/13/2014 4:06pm
A German robotics company has produced a machine it says can best even the most skilled of table tennis players, but not every one is convinced.

Home burglarized after man returns from charity trip

03/13/2014 4:44pm
A little more than a week after returning from a service trip to the Philippines, Eric Bates' home was burglarized.

Airing it out with Ty Detmer, Part III — Post-football life

03/13/2014 5:15pm
In Part III of a three-part interview with Ty Detmer, the Heisman winner talks about his life after football, current Cougar quarterback Taysom Hill, BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae and his "Go fast, go hard" offense, and independence.

Venezuelan president calls for stepped up security

03/13/2014 6:06pm
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is calling on the National Guard to search the central city of Valencia for those responsible for a day of violence that left three dead.

Backers flood to support local product

03/13/2014 7:09pm
A Provo startup company has received support for a typically unexciting product: a nightlight.

Utah-based company creates welcome pavilion for 2016 Olympics

03/13/2014 7:20pm
In 2016, Rio de Janeiro will welcome the world's athletes, dignitaries and tourists as it hosts the Summer Games. The Olympics are a great platform for worldwide exposure, and a Utah company is working to promote the United States.

A cramp or a clot? How to tell if your leg pain is serious

03/13/2014 7:31pm
What may feel like a normal leg cramp may actually be a blood clot called Deep Vein Thrombosis. Estimates say every year at least 100,000 deaths are directly or indirectly related to DVT.

A bit of Utah history comes down for a new charter school

03/13/2014 7:57pm
Glass towers at the former 49th Street Galleria and Fun Dome were ceremoniously demolished Thursday in preparation for a charter school set to take over the building in July.

'Why aren't you more like your sister?' and other harmful comparisons

03/13/2014 9:08pm
Parents should avoid harmful comparisons to other parents, their family to other families, and a child to another sibling. Not everyone is perfect, so luckily there's a couple of antidotes you can use to curb the comparison problem.

Sportsmen's Expo shows kids to the great outdoors

03/13/2014 9:16pm
The International Sportsmen's Expo features a youth fair that aims to teach children to enjoy and appreciate wildlife.

Man who abused autistic teen makes 2nd parole bid

03/13/2014 9:17pm
A Duchesne County man who sexually assaulted an autistic teenager at a Vernal recreation center in 2009 had his second parole hearing Thursday. The victim's family and members of the inmate's family oppose his release.

Utah legislators to close out 2014 session

03/13/2014 10:26pm
Utah lawmakers are putting final touches on the state spending budget and moving through dozens of bills as they wrap up this year's legislative session.

Graco adds more than 403,000 child seats to recall

03/13/2014 10:32pm
Graco Children's Products has added more than 403,000 child seats to last month's recall of 3.8 million to replace faulty harness buckles.

Malaysia: No engine data after plane went missing

03/13/2014 10:34pm
Officials dismissed reports Thursday that the missing Malaysian airliner's engines continued sending data for hours after its last contact, but said it was possible the plane continued flying.

Hospital locates woman's tissue for testing

03/13/2014 10:41pm
A woman whose tissue sample was lost in the mail has newfound hope, as the hospital that performed her surgery has found a testable sample.

Community comes together to make a sick boy's dream come true

03/13/2014 10:42pm
A boy in Price, Utah, will become an honorary police officer this weekend, thanks to his charming nature winning over the community that came together to make his dream happen.

LDS missionary from Utah dies in Micronesia

03/13/2014 10:56pm
A Mormon missionary serving in Micronesia died Thursday from injuries suffered in a fall.