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Expanding Medicaid in Utah

02/16/2014 8:08am
Utahns pay too much in new taxes mandated by the Affordable Care Act. The best way for Utah to recoup those costs is to mend a gaping hole in the state's safety net through sensible expansion of Medicaid.

Crowd-funding site Kickstarter hacked; CEO urges password changes

02/16/2014 9:33am
Kickstarter, a popular crowd-funding site, urged users to change their passwords Saturday after announcing that it had been hacked.

Atheists and nonbelievers welcome in interfaith community

02/16/2014 10:01am
Salt Lake's interfaith community makes room for everyone, even those who do not believe in a higher power. Lacee Harris, from the Northern Ute and Piute tribes, prayed Wednesday near the Capitol rotunda for unity among all people.

Yosemite plan includes recreational activities

02/16/2014 10:49am
Yosemite National Park will cap visitors at current levels in its most popular areas, but it will add campsites and maintain bike and raft rentals under a plan announced Friday to protect the river that runs through its heart.

More talking, longer sentences help babies' brains

02/16/2014 11:22am
New research shows that both how much and how well parents talk with babies and toddlers help to tune the youngsters' brains in ways that build crucial language and vocabulary skills – a key to fighting the infamous "word gap" that puts poor children at a disadvantage at an even younger age than once thought.

New light shed on crew of Civil War submarine

02/16/2014 11:49am
Forensic genealogist Linda Abrams has used streetwise skills and her curiosity to dig a little deeper into the lives of the eight-man crew of the legendary H.L. Hunley, the first submarine to bring down an enemy ship.

John Henson, son of Muppets creator, dies in NY

02/16/2014 12:20pm
Puppeteer John Henson, the son of the late Muppets creator Jim Henson, has died in New York. He was 48.

$200M price tag on proposed public school technology plan

02/16/2014 12:41pm
After two weeks of discussion and speculation, a bill file for the Public Education Modernization Act was opened Friday with a $200 million price tag.

Rent in ND city of Williston exceeds NY, LA

02/16/2014 1:49pm
The rapidly growing North Dakota oil patch city of Williston has the highest average rent in the United States, a national study from an apartment renting guide shows.

Pa. Craigslist killing suspect claims 22 others

02/16/2014 2:54pm
A Pennsylvania woman charged with her newlywed husband with killing a man they met through Craigslist admitted to the slaying in a jailhouse interview with a newspaper and said she has killed more than 20 other people across the country, claims police said they are investigating.

'Diaper Boy' to go free after court reverses felony charges

02/16/2014 3:19pm
The state's high court has found that the actions of Barton Bagnes, a man with a habit of wearing and displaying a child's diaper, were "strange and socially inappropriate," but not criminal and reversed his felony convictions.

NY officials: Virtual currency invites real crime

02/16/2014 4:07pm
The account information given by a new customer at Liberty Reserve read like a not-so-clever prank: Joe Bogus, 123 Fake Main Street, Completely Made Up City, N.Y.

Park City car chase leads to drug arrest

02/16/2014 5:18pm
A Summit County man was arrested early Sunday after colliding with two vehicles while intoxicated and attempting to flee, police said.

Woman driving with 2 children arrested in DUI case

02/16/2014 5:50pm
A woman was arrested Saturday after police say she was driving drunk with two children in the car and then collided with a parked vehicle.

Police ask for public's help identifying man in Rite Aid robbery

02/16/2014 6:39pm
Police are asking for the public's help to identify an armed man who robbed a Rite Aid Sunday.

Minn. man devastated after 5 of 7 kids die in fire

02/16/2014 7:30pm
A Minneapolis man recovering in a hospital after a fire in his rental home wept as he recounted how the blaze claimed the lives of five of his seven children.

Two teens rescued after chunk of ice floated from reservoir shore

02/16/2014 9:10pm
Two Magna boys, both 13, had to be rescued Sunday from a sheet of ice in Grantsville Reservoir that drifted away from the shore.

Mormon missionaries robbed in Russia

02/16/2014 10:12pm
A man pulled a knife on two Mormon missionaries in Engels, Russia, during a teaching appointment on Saturday. The man stole the missionaries' cameras and money and then forced them to withdraw money from an ATM before letting them go.

Former Olympian celebrates 50th anniversary since she competed

02/16/2014 10:35pm
Starr Walton-Hurley skied for team USA at the Innsbruck Games in 1964 wearing the first boots that buckled and a prehistoric helmet. Now, after 50 years, she's traveled to Sochi for everything a modern Olympics offers.

A trip to Sochi where the Olympics actually aren't taking place

02/16/2014 10:48pm
The Sochi Olympics are actually 30 minutes to the west of Sochi in a small town called Adler. NBC security advised members of the media to stay away from Sochi, but Alex Cabrero is an adventurer, so he tipped a driver and took a trip.

Parents of children with autism seek help from Legislature

02/16/2014 11:58pm
Parents of children with autism are hoping that SB57 will pass, requiring insurers to provide coverage for the treatment of autism. In this article, three parents of children with autism share their stories and hope for the future of treatment.

For deceased trooper's birthday, wife given mementos

02/16/2014 11:59pm
A white oblong ZCMI box was accidentally made a time capsule of a trooper's life when it was left in the attic above a garage.

3 killed in Tooele County accident

02/16/2014 11:59pm
Authorities released the names of two of the three adults who were killed after a collision sent a minivan carrying a church group into oncoming traffic. Four others were ejected and critically injured.