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Man charged with murder of 1-year-old

01/11/2014 9:33am
A Salt Lake City man arrested after his girlfriend's baby died of abuse has been charged with murder.

Feds issue new student suspension guidelines

01/11/2014 10:17am
The U.S. Secretary of Education and U.S. Attorney General issued new guidelines this week urging Utah and other states to refrain from suspending students for non-violent infractions.

3 indoor activities for young children during winter

01/11/2014 10:44am
The winter months can drag on, and for those with kids of any age, being inside for hours on end can make parents and children both go a little crazy.

Skiers rappel to safety after lift breaks down in Park City

01/11/2014 11:16am
Several people were stuck on for almost two hours after a Park City Mountain Resort ski lift broke down Friday.

LDS Church announces new Mormon mission presidents

01/11/2014 12:11pm
The calling of new mission presidents in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 2014 has been announced by the First Presidency. They will begin their service in July.

Woman arrested in connection with stabbing death

01/11/2014 12:12pm
Police have made an arrest nearly two months after a man was fatally stabbed outside a Salt Lake City homeless shelter.

Black rhino hunting permit auction 'for conservation,' hunters argue

01/11/2014 12:28pm
On Saturday night, a group of wealthy hunters will gather inside the Dallas Convention Center to bid on the rare chance to hunt one of the world's most endangered animals in Namibia.

Air Force expands illegal drug probe to 10 officers

01/11/2014 12:57pm
In a spreading military probe into alleged illegal drug possession, the Air Force is now investigating nearly a dozen officers in multiple locations, a spokesman says.

Tips for consumers worried about the Target breach

01/11/2014 1:23pm
Target said Friday that its massive pre-Christmas security breach affected potentially millions more people than it previously thought. Here's what you need to know if you think you're a potential victim.

New feature lets all Google+ users send you e-mail

01/11/2014 1:57pm
A new feature from Google will let you e-mail just about anyone with a Google+ account, and, in turn, give them the ability to e-mail you.

Federal judge opens records in Ron Lafferty death penalty case

01/11/2014 3:58pm
A federal judge opened dozens of court documents in the case of death-row inmate Ron Lafferty, granting a petition the media filed last year to unseal the records.

Sharon, Israel's bulldozer in politics, dies at 85

01/11/2014 4:16pm
It was vintage Ariel Sharon: His hefty body bobbing behind a wall of security men, the ex-general led a march onto a Jerusalem holy site, staking a bold claim to a shrine that has been in contention from the dawn of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

'They really are slaves,' experts say of human trafficking victims

01/11/2014 4:28pm
Students gathered Friday to hear from officials who have dealt and seen firsthand instances of human trafficking. They say trafficking is a problem in Utah.

Officials emphasize safety to kids licensed to snowmobile

01/11/2014 6:55pm
Kids from throughout northern Utah obtained snowmobile driver's licenses at no cost on Saturday, as the department hoped to bring attention to and celebrate the annual snowmobile safety week — Jan. 18-26.

Discovery of Idaho plane wreckage brings peace, grandfather says

01/11/2014 7:19pm
The first few days after an airplane carrying five people from Oregon to Montana went missing were among the worst.

Doctors continue to see rise in flu cases across US

01/11/2014 7:35pm
Cases of the flu are on the increase across the country, and what really has doctors concerned is how just how quickly it is spreading.

Utah working to process 24,000 applications for health care

01/11/2014 8:51pm
The Utah Department of Workforce Services has employees manually processing applications for approximately 24,000 Utahns seeking health care benefits. They were "in limbo" after the federal system initially failed to send the applications to Utah.

Man found, arrested within 6 hours of robbery

01/11/2014 9:34pm
A man who allegedly robbed a credit union Friday was arrested within six hours of the crime.

Police officer rescues man from Roy house fire

01/11/2014 10:02pm
A police officer received minor injuries after rescuing a person from a house fire Saturday evening.

3 caught, injured in avalanche in Idaho

01/11/2014 10:04pm
Search and rescue teams worked Saturday evening to remove a man injured in an avalanche near the Utah-Idaho border from the canyon where the slide occurred.

A-Rod banned for 2014 season, arbitrator rules

01/11/2014 10:34pm
Alex Rodriguez was dealt the most severe punishment in the history of baseball's drug agreement when an arbitrator ruled the New York Yankees third baseman is suspended for the entire 2014 season as a result of a drug investigation by Major League Baseball.

Police release pictures of alleged robber

01/11/2014 10:42pm
Police released pictures Saturday asking for the public's help in identifying a man who robbed a credit union.