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Brain scans show evidence of concussion months after injury

12/26/2013 7:30am
Recent reports show symptoms of concussions may be seen in brain scans months after the injury happens. But can over-thinking make those symptoms worse?

Suspect in LA airport shooting scheduled for court

12/26/2013 9:02am
The man authorities say killed a TSA screener and wounded three other people during a rampage through the Los Angeles airport last month is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on murder and other felony charges in a case that could bring the death penalty.

Skier buried alive in avalanche, survives

12/26/2013 9:19am
Skier in Vail, Colorado is buried in an avalanche but manages to survive.

Firefighters rescue horse from icy water

12/26/2013 9:32am
A horse is recovering after Layton firefighters rescued it from an icy pond on Christmas night.

Russian ship stuck in ice near Antarctica

12/26/2013 10:48am
Passengers on a Russian polar expedition ship off Antarctica are getting a whiter Christmas than they probably wanted.

Sochi Olympic venues most compact in history

12/26/2013 11:01am
The venues of Sochi range from the Fisht Stadium with its transparent roof, slopes designed by a former Olympian to transportable ice rinks. Sochi also boasts the most compact venues.

Bye bye, bile? Websites try to nix nasty comments

12/26/2013 1:12pm
Mix blatant bigotry with poor spelling. Add a dash of ALL CAPS. Top it off with a violent threat. And there you have it: A recipe for the worst of online comments, scourge of the Internet.

Faith in the family: How belief passes from one generation to the next

12/26/2013 1:22pm
New research has found the transmission of faith across generations has remained remarkably stable over the past 50 years with six out of 10 parents with young adult children who report having the same religious tradition as their parents.

Feds charge Texas man in alleged 'knockout' assault

12/26/2013 1:43pm
A man has been charged with a federal hate crime in connection with what authorities say was a racially motivated "knockout" assault against an elderly black man, the U.S. Justice Department said Thursday.

Conservative group slams Obamacare with new ads

12/26/2013 1:59pm
The conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is closing out the year with a pair of new ads targeting Democratic members of the House who voted for Obamacare.

McDonald's closes employee website amid criticism

12/26/2013 2:31pm
McDonald's Corp. has shut down a website intended to provide employees with work and life guidance after it generated negative publicity for the fast-food company.

52-year-old sets record for largest superhero collection

12/26/2013 3:24pm
Most of us have had collections at one time in our lives. But Indianapolis resident Kevin Silva has set a new world record for his superhero collection.

Clean air advocates sing renditions of carols to encourage change

12/26/2013 3:42pm
A group of clean air advocates gathered at Library Square on Thursday to sing special Utah- and inversion-themed Christmas songs. The carolers urged policymakers to address air quality in the state.

American abducted in Pakistan calls for US help

12/26/2013 3:56pm
A 72-year-old American development worker who was kidnapped in Pakistan by al-Qaida more than two years ago appealed to President Obama in a video released Thursday to negotiate his release, saying he feels "totally abandoned and forgotten."

As city cycling grows, so does bike tax temptation

12/26/2013 4:06pm
Early blasts of snow, ice and below-zero temperatures haven't stopped a surprising number of Chicago cyclists from spinning through the slush this winter, thanks in part to a city so serious about accommodating them that it deploys mini-snow plows to clear bike lanes.

Suspect in LA airport shooting pleads not guilty

12/26/2013 4:15pm
A short, slender man speaking in a hoarse voice pleaded not guilty Thursday to 11 federal charges, including the murder of a Transportation Security Administration screener and the wounding of three other people during a rampage at Los Angeles International Airport last month.

The BCS got it right, but it has to go, survey says

12/26/2013 4:46pm
College football fans have a message for the Bowl Championship Series: Good job this year, but it's time to pack it in.

Christmas tree fire burns Santa home in Vegas mall

12/26/2013 4:48pm
One of Santa Claus' Las Vegas homes was burned after a giant Christmas tree caught fire at an open-air mall early Wednesday, just as children around the globe were expecting St. Nick to deliver presents.

Argentina: 70 injured in carnivorous fish attack

12/26/2013 6:52pm
An attack by a school of carnivorous fish has injured 70 people bathing in an Argentine river, including seven children who lost parts of their fingers or toes.

Store clerk assaulted during robbery

12/26/2013 7:14pm
Police were looking for three men who they believe robbed a convenience store and assaulted the clerk.

There yet? UPS, FedEx moving Christmas packages late

12/26/2013 7:15pm
Both UPS and FedEx are trying to catch up with a Christmas backlog as thousands of people, many here in Utah, are still waiting on holiday packages.

Park City hosts trials for first Olympic women's ski jumping

12/26/2013 7:20pm
Women ski jumpers have been fighting the International Olympics Committee since the 1998 Winter Games to be included as an Olympic sport. Now the first-ever trials are taking place in Park City on Sunday.

Appointed A.G. Reyes seeks 'openness and collaboration'

12/26/2013 7:23pm
Utah's new Attorney General admits he has a lot on his place in the wake of the John Swallow scandal and the Amendment 3 appeal.

5 ways to make flying with kids a breeze

12/26/2013 7:33pm
This time of year, many people find themselves braving the airport with kids in tow. Use these tips to make your next flight no sweat.

Woman tells businesses to remove snow from accessible parking spaces

12/26/2013 8:23pm
When a snow storm hits, many people have problems getting into parking lots, but one Utah woman with a disability is pointing out that it is illegal for businesses to not remove snow from handicap parking stalls.

Poll: Americans hopeful for a better year in 2014

12/26/2013 8:40pm
Large number of Americans see 2013 as anything but a banner year and aren't reluctant to wave goodbye on New Year's Eve, a new AP-Times Square poll says, reflecting anxiety stretching from the corridors of power in Washington to corporate boardrooms, statehouses, and city and town halls.

Medical dog 'assists' during surgery

12/26/2013 9:01pm
A little girl's service dog sat in on a life-saving surgery to alert doctors to pending seizures.

Police post photos of texting drivers

12/26/2013 9:10pm
St. George police are taking pictures of texting drivers in an effort to stop distracted driving.

How finding humor can save your family

12/26/2013 9:26pm
"We will look at this a few years down the road and have a good laugh," they say. Well, forget about that. I want to have that good chortle now. Humor has always been the bumper that kept everyone in our family from whiplash.

US sends Hellfire missiles to Iraq

12/26/2013 9:51pm
The U.S. has sent Hellfire air-to-ground missiles to Iraq's air forces, which is using them in an ongoing campaign against the country's branch of al-Qaida, officials in Washington and Baghdad said Thursday.

Aggies beat Lynch, No. 24 NIU 21-14 in Poinsettia

12/26/2013 10:37pm
Utah State wins the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl 21-14 behind a big game from Joey DeMartino.

2 with Utah ties shot in San Diego

12/26/2013 10:39pm
A shooting in a San Diego mall parking lot on Christmas Eve left one woman dead and a man in extremely critical condition, and it was being watched closely by friends and family members in Utah.

Utah's request delayed for stay on same-sex marriage ruling

12/26/2013 10:42pm
The state plans to use outside legal counsel to seek a stay from the U.S. Supreme Court of last Friday's ruling striking down Utah's voter- approved constitutional amendment on marriage.

Utah officials work to allow same-sex couples to file joint taxes

12/26/2013 10:46pm
Utah doesn't allow same-sex married couples to file joint tax returns, but officials say they're working to change that — and the clock is ticking.

BYU student films documentary after experience in modeling industry

12/26/2013 10:53pm
A BYU student is filming a documentary about underage models after experiencing the industry firsthand.

Utility linemen brave cold, ice to restore power

12/26/2013 11:05pm
When an ice storm glazed over Michigan last weekend, Tony Carone feared he wouldn't be spending Christmas at home with his family.