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Train kills 2 track workers amid SF Bay strike

10/20/2013 1:22am
A San Francisco Bay Area commuter train returning from routine maintenance struck and killed two workers who were inspecting the tracks Saturday afternoon _ an accident that comes amid a strike that has shut the Bay Area Rapid Transit system down to riders for the past few days.

In life and especially in death, JFK changed TV

10/20/2013 9:27am
It's a measure of how long ago President John F. Kennedy died that, at the time, television was described as a young medium. With the shooting in Dallas, TV grew up.

Firefighters douse 'human caused' apartment fire

10/20/2013 10:37am
Salt Lake City fire investigators have determined an overnight fire was human caused, likely from transient activity.

How poverty depletes brain power

10/20/2013 10:53am
New research shows that poverty itself may use up people's limited mental bandwidth, causing them to make worse decisions that contribute to their poverty.

What a difference a year makes for BYU

10/20/2013 11:03am
BYU gutted out a last minute win in Houston Saturday night. Despite making costly mistakes and several turnovers the Cougars played hard and won the game. Something they couldn't manage last year. Which left saying to myself over and over again, "What a difference a year makes."

Pay-as-you-go engineers team up with business to produce prototypes

10/20/2013 12:13pm
A new center is helping companies turn their ideas into products by providing pay-as-you-go engineering services.

2 safe 15 hours after boat capsizes off Mass.

10/20/2013 1:17pm
Prayers, scripture verses and gospel songs helped two men survive a harrowing 15-hour ordeal of waves and winds until they were rescued by a passing fishing boat after their boat capsized in the chilly waters off the Massachusetts coast, one of the men said Sunday.

UEA convention focuses on teacher collaboration

10/20/2013 1:54pm
Teachers from around the state gathered Thursday at the South Towne Exposition Center for the annual Utah Education Association Convention.

Two-alarm SLC fire destroys shed, damages apartments

10/20/2013 3:29pm
Salt Lake City fire investigators have determined an overnight fire was human caused, likely from transient activity.

New Utah beer tax fizzles in committee

10/20/2013 4:06pm
Lawmakers took no action Wednesday on a proposal that would levy tax on beer depending on the current consumer price index.

For Obama, a frustrating health care rollout

10/20/2013 5:19pm
Last week, President Barack Obama gathered some of his top advisers in the Oval Office to discuss the problem-plagued rollout of his health care legislation. He told his team the administration had to own up to the fact that there were no excuses for not having the health care website ready to operate on Day One.

20 people set themselves on fire for world record, good cause

10/20/2013 5:47pm
An amazing sight played out in Ohio Saturday night when a group of people set themselves on fire for a good cause.

Details emerge about capture of escaped Fla. prison inmates

10/20/2013 6:26pm
Life on the run came to an end for Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins Saturday evening. The two escaped prison inmates were captured at a motel in Panama City Beach, which is several hundred miles from Orlando, where they were last seen.

Neglected elderly Australian endures brutal end

10/20/2013 7:24pm
By the time the ambulance showed up to the house, the old woman's screams were, as the paramedics would later tell it, already at a 10 out of 10.

ATV accident injures woman near Saratoga Springs

10/20/2013 8:19pm
An adult female has been injured in an ATV accident up Israel Canyon near Saratoga Springs, authorities confirmed Sunday night.

Correction: Giant Fish story

10/20/2013 10:59pm
In a story Oct. 19 about the discovery of a rare oarfish on a Southern California beach, The Associated Press erroneously reported the name of the oceanographic institution contacted by Oceanside police. The organization is Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, not The Scripps Research Institute.

One dead, two injured in I-15 rollover near Cedar City

10/20/2013 11:14pm
One person was pronounced dead on the scene when a pick-up truck pulling a trailer rolled on northbound I-15 near milepost 49 on Sunday at approximately 9:19 p.m.

Rock-toppling Scout leader filed injury lawsuit weeks before pushing rock

10/20/2013 11:17pm
The plot has thickened in the case of the Utah Boy Scout leader caught on tape knocking over an ancient rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park.

St. George school makes 'miracles' happen for special-ed students

10/20/2013 11:29pm
Diana Wade founded Children of Hope Academy four years ago to inspire and help people with learning disabilities.

Utah dogs and cats find 'forever homes' at Pet Super Adoption

10/20/2013 11:55pm
Utahns helped save more than 360 cats and dogs at the State Fair Park on Saturday and Sunday.