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Typhoon hits eastern China with strong winds, rain

10/07/2013 5:43am
A typhoon slammed into southeastern China on Monday with powerful winds and heavy rains that killed at least five people, cut power, canceled flights and suspended train services.

When intuition says your spouse is cheating

10/07/2013 6:15am
This week on LIFEadvice: Coach Kim addresses how to tell if your suspicion of your partner's loyalty is intuition or just a projection of your fears.

Utah pilot dies in Texas helicopter crash

10/07/2013 6:56am
A helicopter pilot from Utah has died in a West Texas crash after the tail rotor hit some pulley equipment while trying to connect to a power line.

Which spouse best handles family debt?

10/07/2013 7:34am
When it comes to handling family debt, who is better at it, the husband or the wife? Financial counselors say the two sexes go about handling money in completely different ways.

Regrowing your own teeth may be possible within a decade

10/07/2013 8:20am
The new dean of the University of Utah's School of Dentistry projects regrowing our own teeth could become a reality within the decade.

New software blocks robocalls

10/07/2013 9:06am
A software programmer created software that analyzes and filters out automated robocalls while allowing other calls.

2 arrested in theft from Gilsonite mine

10/07/2013 9:31am
A tip about a burglary in progress led to the arrest of two men suspected of stealing $500,000 worth of industrial equipment and material from American Gilsonite Co.

United States' role as a protector of religious minorities at home, abroad is eroding

10/07/2013 9:47am
People's innermost beliefs and faith cannot be legislated out of their hearts, and the U.S. cannot abdicate its role as a superpower that cherishes religious diversity as a cornerstone of freedom.

Is Utah's season already doomed?

10/07/2013 10:10am
In its third year in the Pac-12, the University of Utah has yet to find a signature win against a quality conference opponent. And with the Pac-12 making significant improvements in talent, it begs the question whether Utah's season is doomed.

Church learns how to best help Utah's women refugees

10/07/2013 10:20am
Every year, Utah receives roughly 1,200 refugees, many of them women, who now are navigating a new world of survival after being forced to flee their homeland.

Sisters of DC chase victim dispute police account

10/07/2013 10:55am
The sisters of a Connecticut woman fatally shot by police in Washington after she tried to ram her car through a White House barrier said Monday she wasn't delusional and suggest she may have been fleeing danger.

Dogs are people too, researcher says

10/07/2013 11:30am
A new study using MRI scans of dogs' brains show they feel much the same as humans do.

Court: Ohio hospital can force chemo on Amish girl

10/07/2013 12:09pm
An appeals court has sided again with an Ohio hospital that wants to force a 10-year-old Amish girl to resume chemotherapy after her parents decided to stop the treatments.

8 things Utahns may not know about 'Obamacare'

10/07/2013 1:29pm
You've heard it labeled anything from health care reform to "Obamacare" to the downfall of America as we know it. But what does the Affordable Care Act really mean to you? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 15 percent of Utahns — roughly 428,000 people — do not have health insurance coverage.

Prosecutors seek more DNA evidence in '95 murder

10/07/2013 2:14pm
Prosecutors who charged a man with killing a 17-year-old girl nearly two decades ago are seeking additional DNA evidence for their case.

3 pieces of technology first seen on the big screen

10/07/2013 2:36pm
Smartwatches and other devices were seen for the first time on the big screen, but scientists have made them a reality.

After baby's death, woman collects donations for grieving mothers

10/07/2013 3:01pm
William Paul lived for 30 minutes after his birth, but his mother wants his memory to live on much, much longer.

Officials blamed in Mexico monster truck crash

10/07/2013 3:09pm
Mexican government officials and event organizers on Monday blamed the driver of a monster truck for losing control and plowing into a crowd of spectators, killing eight and injuring 79. Motor-sports experts, however, pointed at the organizers, saying the setup of the state-sponsored show was blatantly deficient and life-threatening.

Jeremy Johnson requesting to use seized cash to hire lawyer

10/07/2013 4:54pm
St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson wants a federal judge in Nevada to let him use some of the millions of dollars the government seized from him to hire a lawyer.

Ex-sheriff's sgt. pleads guilty to taking drugs from evidence locker

10/07/2013 5:20pm
A former Carbon County sheriff's sergeant pleaded guilty Monday to taking drugs from the evidence locker at the sheriff's office without authorization.

Lehi residents powerless over transmission line move

10/07/2013 7:05pm
Residents in a Lehi neighborhood feel powerless to stop a high- voltage line from moving into their backyards. The lines are being moved to make way for a new housing development.

White diamond fetches record $30.6M at HK auction

10/07/2013 7:11pm
A white diamond the size of a small egg sold for $30.6 million at a Hong Kong auction, although a blue diamond that was the night's other highlight with a $19 million estimate failed to sell.

Husband describes scary moments after pregnant wife was hit by SUV

10/07/2013 7:32pm
Chelsea Sheedy is recovering at home from a weekend accident that gave her and her husband, Nick, reason to panic. Chelsea is four months pregnant with their first child.

7 things you should never say to a pregnant woman — ever

10/07/2013 8:07pm
It's bad enough for a pregnant woman to be subjected to morning sickness and wildly unpredictable hormones; add to that the idiotic comments of others, and her delicate dance with sanity becomes a three-legged race through a loaded minefield.

Lawyer: Undercover cop didn't see NY driver attack

10/07/2013 8:16pm
An undercover detective attending at a motorcycle rally that devolved into broken bones and blood did not witness a biker get struck by an SUV or see the SUV driver subsequently attacked by bikers, a lawyer said Monday.

Man narrowly escapes injury in drive-by shooting; 3 suspects arrested

10/07/2013 8:56pm
Three men were arrested in connection a drive-by shooting in Orem Saturday night. No one was injured, but at least one bullet missed a potential victim's head by inches, according to a police affidavit filed in 4th District Court.

Police say soldier's death 'not racially motivated'

10/07/2013 9:05pm
Three soldiers have been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a fellow soldier who was celebrating his pending departure from the Army -- an attack that police in Washington state now say doesn't appear to be racially motivated.

Utah military employees back to work despite lingering government shutdown

10/07/2013 9:17pm
Nearly 4,000 Hill Air Force Base and Utah National Guard workers were back on the job Monday, though the government shutdown continues to keep many federal workers at home.

Crews find dead man, small fire in house

10/07/2013 9:19pm
Crews responding to a medical call found a man who had died and a small fire Monday night.

New $100 bills start circulating Tuesday

10/07/2013 9:27pm
The new $100 bill, with an array of high-tech features designed to thwart counterfeiters, will get its coming out party on Tuesday, partial government shutdown or not.

Father, son to receive jail time in alleged investment scam

10/07/2013 9:39pm
Michael Kay Smith will serve a year in jail, and and son Quintin Fullmer Smith will serve 180 days in jail on work release, both pending successful probation, for defrauding investors for millions of dollars.

9 Utah counties declare state of emergency due to gov't shutdown

10/07/2013 9:55pm
As the government shutdown keeps a closed sign on national parks across the country, hindering local tourism, nine Utah counties have declared a state of emergency due to "economic disruption."

Woman attacked by pit bulls says she 'owes everything' to Good Samaritans

10/07/2013 10:26pm
Layton police are looking for the owner of two pit bulls that attacked a woman and her dog Monday morning. The woman said the kind actions of a couple who stopped and helped get the dogs off of her saved her and her dog from further injury.

Video shows man drive through doors, rip ATM out of store

10/07/2013 10:29pm
Salt Lake police on Monday were looking for a stolen ATM and the man who took it.

2 arrested in Wasatch County; officer's stolen gun, badge recovered

10/07/2013 10:30pm
A Roy police officer's duty weapon, badge and ballistic vest were among the stolen items recovered when investigators in Wasatch County arrested two people suspected of a crime spree that spans five Utah counties.

Spanish Fork couple die hours apart after full life together

10/07/2013 10:33pm
A Spanish Fork couple passed away within hours of each other Thursday at their home. Their kids said it was because they couldn't stand to be apart.

Family shares experience of minivan being crushed by loose tire

10/07/2013 10:35pm
A runaway wheel, bounded through the air, crossed into oncoming traffic on I-15 Sunday morning, and slammed into a minivan, crushing it, and Monday the family shared the story of their near-death experience.

Debt limit overtaking shutdown as US crisis focus

10/07/2013 10:47pm
A possible national default loomed closer on Monday as the partial government shutdown lingered, rattling markets in the U.S. and overseas. A gridlocked Congress betrayed little or no urgency toward resolving either of the threats.