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Sunday Edition: Education in Utah

09/01/2013 9:00am
We're heading back to school to take a closer look at the issues that are important to parents. Plus, a volunteer tutor program is boosting reading scores around the state.

Immigration bill knot: 'Special' citizenship path

09/01/2013 9:53am
As Congress wrestles with immigration legislation, a central question is whether the 11 million immigrants already in the United States illegally should get a path to citizenship.

Apple offers iPhone trade-in ahead of unveiling

09/01/2013 12:21pm
Excited about the new iPhone expected to be unveiled Sept. 10? Apple will now join others in allowing you to trade in your old model.

Invasive snails in NV waterways

09/01/2013 1:03pm
The Nevada Department of Wildlife wants anglers to help stem the spread of New Zealand mud snails in southern Nevada.

Utah waterways low but ready for Labor Day

09/01/2013 1:27pm
Utah residents are anticipated to hit the roads for summer's final push this Labor Day weekend, but water revelers need to be aware that boating opportunities are limited in some areas. On the up side, less water means more sandy beaches for playing.

Ogden shooting victim identified

09/01/2013 1:32pm
A 26-year old man who was shot to death Saturday has been identified by police.

Sierra wildfire now California's fourth-largest

09/01/2013 4:04pm
The wildfire burning in and around Yosemite National Park has become the fourth-largest conflagration in modern California history, fire officials said Sunday as clouds and higher humidity helped crews further contain the biggest blaze in the United States this year.

Wife allegedly stabs husband; drives him to hospital

09/01/2013 4:29pm
A 53-year-old man is in the hospital after his wife allegedly stabbed him in the stomach.

Analysis: Obama's credibility on line in reversal

09/01/2013 4:49pm
For more than a week, the White House had been barreling toward imminent military action against Syria. But President Barack Obama's abrupt decision to instead ask Congress for permission left him with a high-risk gamble that could devastate his credibility if no action is ultimately taken in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack that crossed his own "red line."

Slain officer always wanted to be in law enforcement, friends say

09/01/2013 5:56pm
Sgt. Derek Johnson was a highly respected member of the law enforcement community. He leaves behind a wife and young son.

Teen dies following fall in Adam's Canyon

09/01/2013 6:13pm
A 15-year-old has died one day after falling while hiking in Adam's Canyon, the Davis County Sheriff's Office confirmed Sunday.

Vehicle rollover on I-80 leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

09/01/2013 6:34pm
A Syracuse man was killed Sunday morning after being thrown from his vehicle on I-80.

3 phrases can help the 'Entitlement Generation'

09/01/2013 8:20pm
In an up-and-coming book, author Ron Leiber gives tips on how to avoid having a spoiled child by changing financial education. Along with his tips, I propose that parents get back to basics by teaching three phrases: please, not now and thank you.

Fallen officer 'never was able to return fire', investigators say

09/01/2013 8:56pm
A Draper police officer was shot and killed Sunday morning and two others injured in a shooting that remained under investigation.

Where's Rudy? Giuliani is scarce in mayor's race

09/01/2013 9:11pm
Rudolph Giuliani, whose endorsement of Michael Bloomberg after the Sept. 11 attacks is viewed as a key factor in the political novice's eventual upset victory in the New York City mayor's race, has been used sparingly on this year's campaign trail even though he has endorsed a former aide.

Hundreds gather in support of fallen Draper police officer

09/01/2013 10:18pm
Sgt. Derek Johnson's "unbelievable, never- ending optimistic positive attitude" remembered by Draper supporters.

LDS missionary from Dominican Republic killed by stray bullet

09/01/2013 10:59pm
A missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in Colombia was killed by a stray bullet Saturday.