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Ben Affleck is new Batman in 'Man of Steel' sequel

08/23/2013 7:09am
It looks like Ben Affleck will be the first major actor to play a leading hero in both the Marvel and DC universes, now that he has signed on as Batman.

Park City named Utah's 'e-City'

08/23/2013 7:56am
Google is designating Park City as an "e-City" - a salute to its use of the Internet to drum up business.

Study seeks super agers' secrets to brain health

08/23/2013 8:23am
They're called "super agers" - men and women who are in their 80s and 90s, but with brains and memories that seem far younger.

Newborns being stolen at a top Uganda hospital

08/23/2013 9:04am
One baby was healthy and the other cold and lifeless, a sight that horrified Michael Mubangizi and his wife, a young Ugandan couple who soon felt one of their twin babies had been swapped at Uganda's main public hospital. They rejected the dead one, saying it wasn't theirs, and a DNA test later proved they were right.

'Sprayable Energy' is the new form of quick energy

08/23/2013 10:34am
As competition increases in the business world and more is expected from a wired society, energy drinks and other alternative forms of quick energy have a captive audience. But in a way to make energy more accessible at an even quicker dose than before, two businessmen have developed a sprayable energy.

Girl safe after man allegedly grabbed her at Liberty Park

08/23/2013 10:41am
A 36-year-old man was arrested Thursday after police say he grabbed a 9-year-old and tried to walk away with her.

Religious liberty and gay marriage collide as New Mexico photographer loses case

08/23/2013 10:58am
A commercial photography business owned by opponents of same- sex marriage violated New Mexico's anti-discrimination law by refusing to take pictures of a gay couple's commitment ceremony, the state's highest court ruled unanimously Thursday.

Personal information compromised following Hill Air Force Base security breach

08/23/2013 11:09am
Authorities say more than 500 Hill Air Force Base employees had their personal information compromised after a base employee sent the data to an unprotected email address.

Band honors new mother diagnosed with cancer

08/23/2013 11:53am
Local band, Mideau, were deeply affected by the story of Kassi and Tommy Van Vliet. Kassie, 24, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Hours later, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but received no further treatment because she was pregnant.

Doctor: Ohio man revives 45 mins after heart stops

08/23/2013 1:13pm
A man whose heart stopped beating for 45 minutes credits his faith for being alive and says stunned doctors who declared him dead aren't sure what happened.

Jury: Life in prison for Afghanistan massacre

08/23/2013 1:17pm
The U.S. soldier who massacred 16 Afghan civilians last year in one of the worst atrocities of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was sentenced Friday to life in prison with no chance of parole.

Man in custody after police standoff in Provo

08/23/2013 1:59pm
A standoff is over and a man is in custody after he allegedly fired shots in his backyard.

West Jordan residents evacuated after worker ruptures gas line

08/23/2013 2:29pm
A construction worker ruptured a 1-inch gas line in West Jordan Friday morning.

Ohio hospital: Force Amish girl to have chemo

08/23/2013 2:39pm
An Ohio hospital is fighting to force a 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia to resume chemotherapy after her parents decided to stop the treatments.

Pa. woman turns up alive after her own NJ funeral

08/23/2013 3:01pm
Carrie Minney could have sworn the woman in the casket was her 50-year-old daughter.

Only 12 test positive in Utah welfare drug screening

08/23/2013 3:42pm
Utah has spent more than $30,000 to screen welfare applicants for drug use since a new law went into effect a year ago, but only 12 people have tested positive, state figures show.

Military jury convicts soldier in Fort Hood attack

08/23/2013 4:05pm
A military jury on Friday convicted Maj. Nidal Hasan in the deadly 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, making the Army psychiatrist eligible for the death penalty in the shocking assault against American troops by one of their own on home soil.

The Color Run takes on Salt Lake City

08/23/2013 4:24pm
More that 6,000 participants are expected to participate in The Color Run Saturday in Salt Lake City.

Man allegedly tells girlfriend to 'die and jump off the porch'

08/23/2013 4:53pm
A Murray man has been arrested and charged with abusing his disabled girlfriend.

Woman allegedly steals from couple attending funeral

08/23/2013 6:12pm
Police are trying to track down a woman who is suspected of breaking into a car and stealing a purse while the car owners were attending a funeral.

Prep football: Week 1 schedule/scores

08/23/2013 6:30pm
Check back here for the latest scores from all the Week 1 prep football games across the state.

Why the Utes will be the best team in the state

08/23/2013 6:31pm
Our job? Convince you why Utah is the best team in the state. Fasten your seatbelts, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Woman left kids alone to attend SLC concert, police say

08/23/2013 7:08pm
A woman who prosecutors say left her 1- and 3-year-old children alone in a motel while she attended a concert has been charged with neglect.

I didn't do it! How to handle dishonesty in your family

08/23/2013 7:33pm
You know your teen is not telling you the truth. But confronting it now will take up most of the evening. Do you go along with it, or do you say, "Honey, have a seat and let's talk."

Utah among last to deliberate about health care

08/23/2013 8:07pm
As Utah decides whether or not to expand Medicaid coverage to include more working class residents, people who can't afford insurance say it is costing them.

SLC company introduces new metal fabrication machine

08/23/2013 8:30pm
A Salt Lake City company recently unveiled a product that will save businesses in the metal market millions of dollars.

Random attack in Spokane leaves WWII veteran dead

08/23/2013 8:43pm
Police in Spokane, Wash., have arrested one of two teens suspected of fatally beating an 88-year-old veteran of World War II who had survived the battle for Okinawa.

Seeley burn scar contributes to flooding

08/23/2013 8:43pm
Residents below the 2012 Seely fire burn scar are dealing with flooding problems again this year.

Family fights to prevent release of sex offender

08/23/2013 9:39pm
A Utah family is fighting to keep a sex offender from being released from prison after serving 20 years.

Alpine hit with 'worst flooding ever seen' after storm

08/23/2013 10:23pm
An overnight storm caused flooding along the Quail burn scar in Alpine. At least one home is damaged and crews are saying it could take days to clean up.

Teens tell their peers 'don't drive stupid'

08/23/2013 10:33pm
The "Don't Drive Stupid" video and calendar contest allows students to emphasize driving safety as the new school year starts.

Vietnam veteran watches interview with Dick Nourse 45 years later

08/23/2013 10:38pm
A Marine serving in Vietnam who was interviewed by former KSL anchor, Dick Nourse, got the chance to finally watch the news clip Thursday in celebration of his 70th birthday.

Missing Alpine teen found safe, uninjured

08/23/2013 10:41pm
The search for a missing 16-year-old girl that raised questions about online safety and how police investigate possible runaways ended Friday.

Family business impacted by storage unit burglaries

08/23/2013 10:56pm
Three storage units at Millcreek were burglarized, including one belonging to a family business.

Search for missing man at Willard Bay to resume Saturday

08/23/2013 10:58pm
Search and rescue crews were looking for a man missing at Willard Bay after his water craft was found riderless Friday afternoon.

Man killed after driving into bridge ramp identified

08/23/2013 11:01pm
One person is dead and another injured after crashing into a concrete ramp.