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Police arrest man in connection with classified ad robberies

07/26/2013 7:06am
A man who police say targeted victims using has been arrested.

Steve Young says BYU coach must get QB right

07/26/2013 9:48am
Steve Young knows that for BYU to have a great football season, the quarterback has to play well. The former BYU great and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback believes Taysom Hill has what it takes to make the Cougars great again.

'Wolverine' entertaining, dark and riddled with loose ends

07/26/2013 9:55am
The old adage tells us that no good deed goes unpunished. Well, after more than 65 years, Wolverine discovers the sad truth in that statement.

Mormons navigate faith and doubt in the digital age

07/26/2013 11:23am
The uneasy intersection of faith and doubt is being carefully traversed by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the digital age.

Taylor Swift leaves $500 tip, concert tickets with Phil. restaurant

07/26/2013 11:34am
While dining at an Italian restaurant during her tour, Taylor Swift made a big impression in the form of a $500 tip and two concert tickets.

Utah State faces a tough transition

07/26/2013 11:52am
The 2012 season was a magical year for Utah State football. As a program that was long considered one of the worst in college football, Gary Andersen transformed the program into a winner and the Aggies enjoyed unprecedented success.

Opinion: Reflections on Martin

07/26/2013 12:10pm
The trial of George Zimmerman for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin has dominated the news for several weeks. Whether warranted or not, the trial has thrust the issue of race relations to the forefront of the national dialogue.

Tiny bounce house hotel room runs for $50K a night

07/26/2013 1:34pm
For the weary traveler, a $50,000 inflatable room to rest his head. The room, sitting 22-feet in the air atop a van, is a part-art, part-hotel creation by artist Alex Schweder the Biennial of Americas.

Opinion: Water storage is critical to Utah's prosperity

07/26/2013 1:47pm
It is important to note that from the earliest days of pioneer settlement in the Salt Lake Valley a critical resource for survival was clean, plentiful water. As we look to our future growth, it is critical that we act as good stewards of our precious water supplies.

Unknown cause kills 300 fish in Provo River

07/26/2013 4:21pm
Approximately 300 fish in the Provo River are dead from unknown causes, the Division of Wildlife Resources says.

5 movie franchises we don't hate — yet

07/26/2013 4:53pm
"The Wolverine" hits theaters this weekend. The X-Men series now has six films under it's belt. Some would argue the franchise is lacking in the same spark the first films possessed. What, then, makes an ongoing franchise worth sticking around for?

Utah Supreme Court denies appeal of Air Force major convicted in sex offense

07/26/2013 5:11pm
The Utah Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of a retired Air Force major charged with enticing a minor over the Internet, thereby upholding the state court's conviction.

Investigators find pattern in 'serial bank robberies' in SLC

07/26/2013 6:13pm
Investigators are still looking for a masked man who has robbed three Salt Lake City banks three times over a three-week period.

Green paint splattered on DC's Lincoln Memorial

07/26/2013 6:29pm
Someone splattered green paint on the Lincoln Memorial early Friday, but the statue of the 16th president was reopened by nightfall after the paint was washed away.

Cinder Pit Fire threatens home of family who lost house in fire 2 years before

07/26/2013 6:38pm
An aerial survey of a fire burning in Washington County revealed Friday that the blaze is about four times larger than initial estimates indicated.

Man facing charges for allegedly threatening to blow up car, kill deputies

07/26/2013 6:51pm
A Carbon County man is facing felony charges after he claimed to have a bomb in the car he was driving and threatened to kill deputies, according to prosecutors.

BYU and Utah State rework football series, include home-and-home

07/26/2013 7:11pm
The Cougars and Aggies will play in Logan in 2013 and 2015, and in Provo in 2014 and 2016.

Haunted house enlists mentalist to teach actors how to scare

07/26/2013 7:22pm
A haunted house is only as good as the actors working inside, and the Fear Factory is going the extra mile to make sure visitors are frightened this fall.

Provo woman watches as wedding decor, home go up in flames

07/26/2013 7:41pm
A 23-year-old Provo woman watched most of the items for her upcoming wedding burn in a garage fire early Friday.

Kids sound off: What do good dads do?

07/26/2013 7:42pm
Prodigal Dad takes it to the street to ask kids in his neighborhood what they think it takes to be a good father. Though the answers may not be shocking, their message is clear.

Miners gather to protest benefit cuts

07/26/2013 7:46pm
Dozens of people gathered in front of the residence of the president of Pacific Corps Energy. The group is accusing the company of taking away health and pension benefits. Pacific Corps Energry owns several mines throughout Utah.

1 killed, 3 injured in antique car crash near Zion

07/26/2013 7:58pm
At least four people were injured Friday when their antique car crashed near Zion National Park.

Utah man pleads not guilty to selling machine gun

07/26/2013 7:59pm
A Utah man who was a target of a special FBI task force for allegedly plotting to bomb government offices pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of illegally selling a machine gun.

Farmers build giant water slides in Cache County field

07/26/2013 8:24pm
A couple of Cache County farmers turned a little family fun into a side business when they decided to build a water park.

Man arrested after violent confrontation following road rage, police say

07/26/2013 9:06pm
A man has been arrested after allegedly following another man home on his motorcycle and engaging in a violent confrontation.

Family works to find records allowing grandfather to receive Purple Heart

07/26/2013 9:21pm
A ceremony at the capitol Friday afternoon marked the end of a hard- fought struggle for one Utah family to finally receive their grandfather's Purple Heart award.

Locals shine at USA basketball minicamp

07/26/2013 9:55pm
Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Damian Lillard had their chance to show off with the biggest names at the USA camp.

Rare collectibles stolen, pawned after home burglarized

07/26/2013 10:11pm
A Utah family is hoping to recover some rare collectibles stolen from their home while they were on vacation.

Bike ride offers help, hope to Utahns affected by suicide, mental illness

07/26/2013 10:38pm
Suicide has become an epidemic across the country and in Utah, and a special bicycle tour will be held Saturday to honor a man who lost his battle with mental illness.

Firefighters discover 28 snakes in Clearfield home after responding to fire

07/26/2013 10:49pm
Firefighters responding to a small kitchen fire Friday were startled to discover the Clearfield home was full of snakes.